Sunday, April 20, 2008
What a week. School holidays, shop, college work. So far so good. Then we get the police. I am just so fed up with this. DS1 was with a mate who has been accused of damaging a tee shirt in a shop. The Manager himself said it had nothing to do with DS and he could go. The policeman in his infinate wisdom decided not. The Manager re-inforced DS was not involved. I told the pc that I couldn't see why he needed to caution DS when the shop itself was not interested in Joe. Apparently cos DS's mate had DS's rucksack on his back. Except the rucksack has got nothing to do with it. They're not accused of stealing anything. So are we now being told that it's not wise to carry anyone else bags! So the outcome was if I don't take him down to the station voluntarily they'll arrest him! So now I'm on the warpath. After the last 2 years it seems obvious to me that because the boys uncle has been 'known to the police' for the past 30 years, that the minute my sons mention their name they are tarred with the same brush and I really have had enough of it. This comes 2 days after I get a letter from the anti-social behaviour officer to tell me DS1 was stopped because his friends were drinking. The letter even says he wasn't, so this is common police practise now? I'm going to stop your son and write to you to tell you he's done nothing wrong. Tomorrow morning going to find a solicitor, Anna reckons it's something to do with harrassment. Between that, the school, the park warden, the shop, I am getting very tired.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
14 years. Where did they go? No, seriously, where did they go? Would have been longer but took DH a long time to persuade me to climb those stairs - Registry Office, top floor! And yes, DS1 and DS2 are older than 14. Say no more :) Have attached a couple of photos. Can't believe I was ever that slim, or the boys that cute :)
General theme of reminiscing at the moment on this blog. Must be because my current life is just so borriinnnnng. Including the fact that I keep saying it's boring. Must try not to be such a bor...opps, dull blogger.

Off to handmake an anniversary card; bake a heart shaped cake; prepare a candlelight dinner for 2; and prepare myself for a night of passion........ Who's laughing?

Sunday, April 13, 2008
And hi :) This week went where? Kids on first week of Easter hols. Met 2 new CCLD candidates. Kids have been driving me up the wall. So just another week. No.

I have 2 friends poorly atm. Take care both of you, be pampered. N, you know where I am, I mean it xx

Potatoes planted. Must do seedlings.

Found on Latharia's blog an idea where you make a list of 101 things that you will do in 1001 days. Think I might just do that :)

Bought some curtains on ebay - gotta love ebay as long as you're prepared to hunt out all the tat and ridiculously expensive stuff! And joined freecycle :) We plan to do a carboot, but there's big stuff that I'd rather just give away, than bother with, like the Ikea storage of the boys toys. And as a plus, we managed to get a coffee table from it. Have no idea about the condition, but that's what paints for! Will take a before and after piccie.

Went to a funeral mid-week for Lynns FIL. Well, blast from the past Kezzy was there. Most people go "Who?" Joy says "Oh!" After the initial shock, was lovely to catch up :)
Friday, April 11, 2008
Haven't forgotten about the HT's letter, just keeping you in suspense. Have attached mini book I've just completed. This is Center Parcs 2007. Went with Anna, Ariane, Dawn, Debbie, Heather, Joy and Sara. Fab weekend. Alcohol. Chocolate. Spa. Falconry. Sauna. Dancing. Badminton. Disco. Fondue. Girly Flicks. Singstar. Buzz - steady!
Monday, April 07, 2008
Friday Sunny. Saturday rain. Sunday snow. Monday hail. Must be England.

I have a fellow blogger. 3 on my list now, nearly popular. Welcome Niki, it's a good thing to do :)

Haven't forgotten about yesterdays photo. Need to remind the boys who the computer belongs to and who pays the bills. Actually would be easier just to get up before them. save any major hissy-fits. Yep, even boys have those. In fact, let's be honest, if we have a day without one of them having a stress, well it's probably a day when they're not around.

Have today written a very stroppy letter to boys HT. Will stick it on here in all it's glory tomorrow :)

Todays photo is from a class I did last June at Scrap-a-Ganza called 31 Days by Melodee (see previous post, can't be bothered to create new links!) One of my resolutions this year is to catch up on all my unfinished projects. And as Mellie is visiting in June, thought I'd make hers a priority! I choose October to do as it's quite a busy month, but remembering to take a photo every day... well let's just say 'poetic licence' :) I have one page to do for my A-Z Personal Treasury, so will work on that this week. Think one of those slide presentation thingys will be used for that. Oh God, more technical stuff to learn.

Sunday, April 06, 2008
In a word........SNOW! :)

Will add photos when I can get boys off main computer!
Friday, April 04, 2008
We have sunshine :) Just recording it because we all know how often the sun comes out atm. also, and say this quietly so as not to tempt fate, we all seem healthier. That was 2 long weeks.

Love to Liz, hope you're feeling better soon x and to Don x

Went to see a local schools version of High School Musical the other night. My bestest friends boy played Troy. Has a nice singing voice. But, why did the kids all have to 'do' the American accent. There's nothing worse than listening to a bad fake accent. It's like, when you watch an American programme and they have the 'Englishperson' and you think, that is so not how we sound! I sure hope there were no Americans in the audience. Would have done nothing to ease Anglo-American relations! But back to the show, well done David :)

What else? Oh yeah, been feeling rough so have not had too much excitment in my life - I know, when do I. Oh, I know! Off to ScrapaGanza in June and Melodee Langworthy, one of the American tutors, is coming to stay for a couple of nights. We're gonna go sight-seeing, which I'm really looking forward to. I may live near London, but it's been many years (ahem - 15 ish!) since I actually just spent the day enjoying London. Usually it's drive in, go to a fashion house, drive out! I think many of us don't appreciate what's around, you just take it for granted. Wow that's deep.....

Oh, Center Parcs is booked, texted the girls, and it seems I'm not alone in already looking forward to it - yes this is the October weekend. Obviously a long year for lots of us so far.

Thought I would include a few photos of the shop, it's looking good :)