Friday, April 04, 2008
We have sunshine :) Just recording it because we all know how often the sun comes out atm. also, and say this quietly so as not to tempt fate, we all seem healthier. That was 2 long weeks.

Love to Liz, hope you're feeling better soon x and to Don x

Went to see a local schools version of High School Musical the other night. My bestest friends boy played Troy. Has a nice singing voice. But, why did the kids all have to 'do' the American accent. There's nothing worse than listening to a bad fake accent. It's like, when you watch an American programme and they have the 'Englishperson' and you think, that is so not how we sound! I sure hope there were no Americans in the audience. Would have done nothing to ease Anglo-American relations! But back to the show, well done David :)

What else? Oh yeah, been feeling rough so have not had too much excitment in my life - I know, when do I. Oh, I know! Off to ScrapaGanza in June and Melodee Langworthy, one of the American tutors, is coming to stay for a couple of nights. We're gonna go sight-seeing, which I'm really looking forward to. I may live near London, but it's been many years (ahem - 15 ish!) since I actually just spent the day enjoying London. Usually it's drive in, go to a fashion house, drive out! I think many of us don't appreciate what's around, you just take it for granted. Wow that's deep.....

Oh, Center Parcs is booked, texted the girls, and it seems I'm not alone in already looking forward to it - yes this is the October weekend. Obviously a long year for lots of us so far.

Thought I would include a few photos of the shop, it's looking good :)


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