Sunday, April 20, 2008
What a week. School holidays, shop, college work. So far so good. Then we get the police. I am just so fed up with this. DS1 was with a mate who has been accused of damaging a tee shirt in a shop. The Manager himself said it had nothing to do with DS and he could go. The policeman in his infinate wisdom decided not. The Manager re-inforced DS was not involved. I told the pc that I couldn't see why he needed to caution DS when the shop itself was not interested in Joe. Apparently cos DS's mate had DS's rucksack on his back. Except the rucksack has got nothing to do with it. They're not accused of stealing anything. So are we now being told that it's not wise to carry anyone else bags! So the outcome was if I don't take him down to the station voluntarily they'll arrest him! So now I'm on the warpath. After the last 2 years it seems obvious to me that because the boys uncle has been 'known to the police' for the past 30 years, that the minute my sons mention their name they are tarred with the same brush and I really have had enough of it. This comes 2 days after I get a letter from the anti-social behaviour officer to tell me DS1 was stopped because his friends were drinking. The letter even says he wasn't, so this is common police practise now? I'm going to stop your son and write to you to tell you he's done nothing wrong. Tomorrow morning going to find a solicitor, Anna reckons it's something to do with harrassment. Between that, the school, the park warden, the shop, I am getting very tired.


  1. Oh, hunny I feel for you. What a toughie. Always a potential problem, that issue. I confess I'm glad my boy has my name and not yours. Good luck. I'm behind you all the way. Go get em girl.x

  2. Oh, how frustrating!!!!! I hope you can find a resolution. Stay as calm as you can!!! :)


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