Friday, May 30, 2008
Just a flying visit.
Massive (((hugs))) Sofie xxx

This time next week I shall be waking up in Holland. Thank you e-bay, so worth all the aggro. So, the first year a planner was duly made. Was quite pleased with it. However, on seeing someone's completely OTT planner mine disappeared into the suitcase and I've not made one since. But this year, sod it, Ive created a simple one - useful, not glamourous, from a bingo clipboard. Front and back self explanatory. And if you need it explaining, suggest you go play on cbeebies website instead. List of each day is laminated and the little red cards have info on the back about the class and the tutor. And the photo pocket - oh that'd be for photos.
Back later with haircut!
Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Jeff's Take on Yesterday. Get woken at 5.30 by not so DD. Get up at 6 as she's screaming. Make Suzanne breakfast, suppose I ought. Row with DS1. Take DS1 to work. Buy birthday cake for S. Then she moans as it's chocolate and she likes sponge and jam. Take DS3 to a friends. Got to work. Get home. Rescue S. from a HUGE wasp - which one of us is allergic to said wasp and yet still has to get rid of it. Fall asleep.

Suzanne's Take on Yesterday. Get woken up at 5.30 by not so DD. Get up at 6 as she's screaming. Jeff makes me a lovely cup of tea and poached eggs on toast. So, hey, didn't actually get breakfast in bed, but still good, and we got to catch up on CSI New York on the planner. Jeff has row with DS1. Then I do. Jeff takes DS1 to work. Comes back with a chocolate cake. You'd think after 18 years he'd know! Still, did me a favour as I only had 1 token piece instead of half the cake and of course the kids didn't mind. Had a few cards, phone calls, texts. and e-mails - gotta love some parts of the 21st century. Spent the whole afternoon watching 5 back-to-back episodes of Season 2 of Heroes with DS2, followed by the American Idol final. Paint and grained both the tv/video and bathroom cabinets. Read DD a bedtime story. Collapsed into bed, surfed. Bloody great wasp flies in through the window. Put a cup over it safe in the knowledge that my hero of a DH will get rid of it for me. Fall asleep.
Monday, May 26, 2008
Morning :) Today is my birthday and I am 45. I know, hard to believe, I look so young! So, what have I got to show for what is probably over half my life gone? Been thinking about that a lot lately. I've made a few mistakes, okay a few big ones, but on the whole, I love my life. I have a wonderful (if turning into a somewhat grumpy old man!) husband, 4 children and 2 step-sons who all try my patience and who I can't imagine life without. My mum, dad and step-mum are supporting, even
if sometimes I don't like what they say. I have some truly special friends who have helped my sanity over the years. I have a roof over my head, even if it does belong to the mortgage company! We live in a relatively safe country where I can attend Church in the knowledge that's it safe to go. I can moan about the government, the police, and know that I have freedom of speech. We all have our health - special needs aside! And much as finances are tough at the moment , life could be a lot worse.

So, happy birthday to me, here's to the next 45!
Thursday, May 15, 2008
Another day come and gone. What have I achieved? Let's not go there.

1am and DH comes gets in from work - overtime. 5am and DH gets up to go back to work - overtime, he'll be home about 1.30 tomorrow morning. Shan't be getting bored of his company any time soon. 6am up. Cup of tea. Surf. Sort kids out. Realise forgot niece's 18th birthday today. I know, so unlike me to forget a birthday. Off to Winchester with Jo and Lydia to a memorial service. Arrive an hour early. Manage to get a pressie for said niece. Service was lovely, dedication's were lovely as were the hymns. Home again. Catch up on some paperwork. Sort kids out. Planning to go out at 6.20pm. At 6.19 DD decides to play up. Settle her and get out only 20 mins late. Get onto motorway and traffic is doing 10mph due to awful weather. Remember this is England, so yes, we had been having a heatwave 2 days ago, so of course it's chucking it down today. Idiot on a motobike thought I might like to see him try and kill himself. Idiot. Turn a corner and MM Tote falls on it's side. Yeah, those bags where everything falls out. Get to class only 15 mins late - don't even ask how the 5 mins were made up. My bad, but I thought this class was about stamping techniques. And 3 ink pads to share with 15 people? If I wanted to stick cut up pieces of paper, I could have stayed at home and saved 60 miles worth of petrol, 16.50 for the class, and 3 hours of my life. And if I'd wanted to talk to somebody in a stroppy mood, could have spoken to DS1, DS2 or DS3! Let's say won't be taking that class again. Get home 9.45, and DD is waving from the front room window. So much for her going to bed at 8pm. Sort her out. Where's DS1, he's supposed to be in charge? Oh he went out with his mate. God give me strength. He agreed to babysit, and yet thinks its ok to just go out instead, and after 9pm on a school night. Explains why he asked what time I would be home, assumed he would be back before me. You know what assuming did. It's now 12.10 am, and I'm finally going to go to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Went to an all-day crop yesterday organised by Caz. Fab day. Get up. Get ready. Get in car. Take DS1 to work. Pick up Ariane. Drop DD off at one of her aunties. Drive 1hr 10mins. Sit at a table for 8 hours. Get in car. Drive 1hr - go figure. Drop Ariane off. Get home.

But, the bit in between was great. Caz was there - well, d'uh. Mel from the Pad and her mum were also there. Couple of ladies I didn't know. And later Zenia and Kel were there, who'd I'd met a few times at Scrap Manic. The village was adorable, Great Wymondley. Has only 55 houses, and loads of history, including that Henry VIII was a regular visitor. So we discussed a possible treasonable offence and debated how many descendants were in the village :) Had frequent visits from a pair of HUGE bumblebees; a stroppy resident; fumes from a tractor that just went back and forth and back and forth and....well you get the picture! A loo that has no ceiling, so peeing was very interesting, it's not easy being quiet for the female sex you know! The company was fab. Just the right number, you could probably have a couple more, but not too many, which is nice as everyone could join in a conversation. Tea and coffee on tap - excuse the pun! And a lovely buffet lunch. Could have spent an hour walking around the village and got some lovely photos - will do that next time. Yep, hopefully there will be a next time :)

This is one of the projects I did. It's an 8x8 DLO as part of a Circle Journal swap. But I'm not worried about putting it on here as I doubt she visits my blog, and I've splodged out the faces - like the technical term! Only now that I'm home I might change the S to a different shade of pink.

Friday, May 09, 2008
Results in from my Bookkeeping Level II - First Class Pass :) DS1 has a part-time job at Tescos :) We have potatoes growing. How much more exciting can my life get I wonder. I can't tell the difference between a slow worm and a snake. Actually, make that 10 slow-worms. Boys school is sending me over the edge.

Copied from elsewhere as lethagy has struck......On top of the usual chaos I've a friend visiting from America early June and the room we use as a games/spare room.....Well there's no way I would let her stay in that, so frantically decorating. And of course nothing goes simply does it? Peeling old stickers off the wall so we could repaint? Half the old paint comes off, so now we have to use some special 'healing' medium before we can paint over it. The units were really old, and years of the kids knocking and drawing on them had taken it's toll. But finances as they are we can't replace them. So last night I had 2 units in the garden sanding them down and colourwashing them with a white wash. Jeff found a tin of the stuff in the garage I had bought about 5 years ago I dread to think what else is in there! Well, actually I mentioned the kids need a bathroom cabinet....yep, seriously, there's one in the garage dad gave us years ago, but mahogany with gold handles and hinges. So more sanding at the weekend. Then I mention the gold trims and wouldn't silver be a bit more modern. You've guessed it. Picks another box of odds and sods, sure enough brushed silver handles and hinges. So next time I clear out a box of cr*p and he takes most of it back out "just in case" I have no leg to stand on!
Thursday, May 08, 2008
Not been blogging. Not really bothered atm. Up to my eyes in it with sons! Say no more. Normal service will resume when I feel I have something positive to say :)