Thursday, May 15, 2008
Another day come and gone. What have I achieved? Let's not go there.

1am and DH comes gets in from work - overtime. 5am and DH gets up to go back to work - overtime, he'll be home about 1.30 tomorrow morning. Shan't be getting bored of his company any time soon. 6am up. Cup of tea. Surf. Sort kids out. Realise forgot niece's 18th birthday today. I know, so unlike me to forget a birthday. Off to Winchester with Jo and Lydia to a memorial service. Arrive an hour early. Manage to get a pressie for said niece. Service was lovely, dedication's were lovely as were the hymns. Home again. Catch up on some paperwork. Sort kids out. Planning to go out at 6.20pm. At 6.19 DD decides to play up. Settle her and get out only 20 mins late. Get onto motorway and traffic is doing 10mph due to awful weather. Remember this is England, so yes, we had been having a heatwave 2 days ago, so of course it's chucking it down today. Idiot on a motobike thought I might like to see him try and kill himself. Idiot. Turn a corner and MM Tote falls on it's side. Yeah, those bags where everything falls out. Get to class only 15 mins late - don't even ask how the 5 mins were made up. My bad, but I thought this class was about stamping techniques. And 3 ink pads to share with 15 people? If I wanted to stick cut up pieces of paper, I could have stayed at home and saved 60 miles worth of petrol, 16.50 for the class, and 3 hours of my life. And if I'd wanted to talk to somebody in a stroppy mood, could have spoken to DS1, DS2 or DS3! Let's say won't be taking that class again. Get home 9.45, and DD is waving from the front room window. So much for her going to bed at 8pm. Sort her out. Where's DS1, he's supposed to be in charge? Oh he went out with his mate. God give me strength. He agreed to babysit, and yet thinks its ok to just go out instead, and after 9pm on a school night. Explains why he asked what time I would be home, assumed he would be back before me. You know what assuming did. It's now 12.10 am, and I'm finally going to go to bed so that I can wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.


  1. Oh crikey! I can't help but laugh. I certainly couldn't manage a day as long as yours, you must sleep really well! x x

  2. Awww honey, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, the class does sound a disaster (expensive one at that !) KIDS !!!!!! what more can I say, hope you have a better week this week, take care hon and thanks for the comments on my blog - I appreciate them XXX


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