Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Jeff's Take on Yesterday. Get woken at 5.30 by not so DD. Get up at 6 as she's screaming. Make Suzanne breakfast, suppose I ought. Row with DS1. Take DS1 to work. Buy birthday cake for S. Then she moans as it's chocolate and she likes sponge and jam. Take DS3 to a friends. Got to work. Get home. Rescue S. from a HUGE wasp - which one of us is allergic to said wasp and yet still has to get rid of it. Fall asleep.

Suzanne's Take on Yesterday. Get woken up at 5.30 by not so DD. Get up at 6 as she's screaming. Jeff makes me a lovely cup of tea and poached eggs on toast. So, hey, didn't actually get breakfast in bed, but still good, and we got to catch up on CSI New York on the planner. Jeff has row with DS1. Then I do. Jeff takes DS1 to work. Comes back with a chocolate cake. You'd think after 18 years he'd know! Still, did me a favour as I only had 1 token piece instead of half the cake and of course the kids didn't mind. Had a few cards, phone calls, texts. and e-mails - gotta love some parts of the 21st century. Spent the whole afternoon watching 5 back-to-back episodes of Season 2 of Heroes with DS2, followed by the American Idol final. Paint and grained both the tv/video and bathroom cabinets. Read DD a bedtime story. Collapsed into bed, surfed. Bloody great wasp flies in through the window. Put a cup over it safe in the knowledge that my hero of a DH will get rid of it for me. Fall asleep.


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