Friday, May 30, 2008
Just a flying visit.
Massive (((hugs))) Sofie xxx

This time next week I shall be waking up in Holland. Thank you e-bay, so worth all the aggro. So, the first year a planner was duly made. Was quite pleased with it. However, on seeing someone's completely OTT planner mine disappeared into the suitcase and I've not made one since. But this year, sod it, Ive created a simple one - useful, not glamourous, from a bingo clipboard. Front and back self explanatory. And if you need it explaining, suggest you go play on cbeebies website instead. List of each day is laminated and the little red cards have info on the back about the class and the tutor. And the photo pocket - oh that'd be for photos.
Back later with haircut!


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