Friday, May 09, 2008
Results in from my Bookkeeping Level II - First Class Pass :) DS1 has a part-time job at Tescos :) We have potatoes growing. How much more exciting can my life get I wonder. I can't tell the difference between a slow worm and a snake. Actually, make that 10 slow-worms. Boys school is sending me over the edge.

Copied from elsewhere as lethagy has struck......On top of the usual chaos I've a friend visiting from America early June and the room we use as a games/spare room.....Well there's no way I would let her stay in that, so frantically decorating. And of course nothing goes simply does it? Peeling old stickers off the wall so we could repaint? Half the old paint comes off, so now we have to use some special 'healing' medium before we can paint over it. The units were really old, and years of the kids knocking and drawing on them had taken it's toll. But finances as they are we can't replace them. So last night I had 2 units in the garden sanding them down and colourwashing them with a white wash. Jeff found a tin of the stuff in the garage I had bought about 5 years ago I dread to think what else is in there! Well, actually I mentioned the kids need a bathroom cabinet....yep, seriously, there's one in the garage dad gave us years ago, but mahogany with gold handles and hinges. So more sanding at the weekend. Then I mention the gold trims and wouldn't silver be a bit more modern. You've guessed it. Picks another box of odds and sods, sure enough brushed silver handles and hinges. So next time I clear out a box of cr*p and he takes most of it back out "just in case" I have no leg to stand on!


  1. Congratulations on the pass! Never in doubt, but well done for getting round to doing it! x


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