Sunday, May 11, 2008
Went to an all-day crop yesterday organised by Caz. Fab day. Get up. Get ready. Get in car. Take DS1 to work. Pick up Ariane. Drop DD off at one of her aunties. Drive 1hr 10mins. Sit at a table for 8 hours. Get in car. Drive 1hr - go figure. Drop Ariane off. Get home.

But, the bit in between was great. Caz was there - well, d'uh. Mel from the Pad and her mum were also there. Couple of ladies I didn't know. And later Zenia and Kel were there, who'd I'd met a few times at Scrap Manic. The village was adorable, Great Wymondley. Has only 55 houses, and loads of history, including that Henry VIII was a regular visitor. So we discussed a possible treasonable offence and debated how many descendants were in the village :) Had frequent visits from a pair of HUGE bumblebees; a stroppy resident; fumes from a tractor that just went back and forth and back and forth and....well you get the picture! A loo that has no ceiling, so peeing was very interesting, it's not easy being quiet for the female sex you know! The company was fab. Just the right number, you could probably have a couple more, but not too many, which is nice as everyone could join in a conversation. Tea and coffee on tap - excuse the pun! And a lovely buffet lunch. Could have spent an hour walking around the village and got some lovely photos - will do that next time. Yep, hopefully there will be a next time :)

This is one of the projects I did. It's an 8x8 DLO as part of a Circle Journal swap. But I'm not worried about putting it on here as I doubt she visits my blog, and I've splodged out the faces - like the technical term! Only now that I'm home I might change the S to a different shade of pink.


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