Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Snapshots of the past few days:

In the car with DS3 .....*sniff*........*sniff*.......*sniff*....... DS, is your hayfever bad today? ...... Nah, just got a giant bogey stuck up there! What can you say, it's a boy thing!

Dad tried to cut a toad in half.

DD tried to pick up a toad.

DS1 has gone on his first holiday without his mummy and daddy - ok, yes, us. He's in Cyprus with girly and her family. Well we assume he is, not had a phone call or nothing. This is is, isn't it? Those apron strings are coming undone :( Nothing else for it, will have to have more babies.....JEFFFFF!

Tears, biiig tears.

That's all folks!
Saturday, July 26, 2008
Just a quickie ;)

The first photo is for a little challenge. Was a £1.00 notebook. Covered front and back and edges all inked. Lots of stamping and ribbons, and a book tag. Made 4, all very similar for DD's teachers for Christmas presents. Yes, you read that right! Christmas :)

And this....... (points to photo below)........ is what summer should be about :)

Friday, July 25, 2008
You know that hair cut? Looks fab, unless you're a 15 year old boy. So now he's taken to wearing a hoody. Yes, that's right, hottest days of the year and he's wearing a woollen hat. Count to ten. Report for DS3 appeared Thursday. What was the point of that? School closed Wednesday so can't follow any concerns up. Oh, well that would be because DS had received it weeks ago, but hidden it from us. In that case one would assume it's not a good one. Only it is. I am so proud of him, he's like me, prefers to use his hands than his brain, so to get a good report is a double achivement. So no idea why he felt the need to hide it. And have won a 20 pound Boots voucher. So now have 40 pounds Boots vouchers, 8 on LV's which can be used at Boots, and 50 quids worth of Boots points. Guess where everyone will be getting their Christmas pressies this year..... And have found a forum that may be able to help us with the business. Laterz xx
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Went scrapping last night round at Liz's. Would have been more successful had I remembered the cutting mat; photographs; oh and enthusiasm and drive! One hour later the settee and a cuppa was much more inviting. Get home 10.15pm exhausted but needing to stay awake as DS2 was due in at 11. So decide to upload some work photos to Photobucket to pass the time. So manage to crash the computer - oops. I would deny all knowledge, except DH knows it was working before I touched it. 11.10. "DS2 where are you?" "Can I sleep at Harrys?" "Couldn't you have let me know an hour ago?" "Sorry" OMG if I had a penny for everytime one of them said that. "Okay, will phone you in a bit and make sure you're at his house." 11.45 pm phone and check DS2 is safe and sound. Collapse in bed. Woken at 12.30am as DD has an upset stomach. TMI? Collapse in bed. Woken at 1.30 by DD again. Collapse in bed. Woken by DH as he leaves at 5am and DD gets me up at 6am. Sleep? HA! Who needs it - me, me, me! Sort out kids. Send them all to school. But of course DD picks today to decide there is no way she is getting on the school bus. So have to leave one hour earlier than planned, to get madam to school, to be at work early for a rep. Phew!

Tonight a trip to the allotment and a stiff brandy to help me sleep. Except I hate brandy.

Photos of our first offerings from the allotment. Sad I know, but little things.....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
That DD of mine - she's a sweety, really she is, but can she be trying. That would be a yes, and not just a meek yes, a blooming great YYEEESSSSSSSSS. Think 'The little girl who had a little curl'; or 'Rosemarys baby'; or 'Carrie'. Yes, honestly, on a bad day it's enough to make your blood curl. Helpful pointers to avoid the eruption that is DD? "Wait a minute" or "No, you can't". And then of course there's my absolute favourite. "Now where the f... did that come from!" when there's no warning just a Tazmanian Devil in the place of my DD. I must be exaggerating. That would be a no. Think of the loudest child you've ever heard, now times it by ten, with the strength of Mike Tyson. All wrapped up in a child of 9 with the developmental age of 3. Getting the picture? We're talking hair pulling; kicking; punching, etc. etc. etc. for up to 3 hours at a stretch. And the language. Yes, I do swear like a trooper, but I sound like Mother Teresa in comparison. My all time favourite would be doing '70' down the motorway and she crawls out of her seatbelt (Houdini in the making methinks) and stands behind me pulling my hair. We love her to pieces, but it's tough, bloody tough.

DS1 - Since the incident with the motorbike. No, if you don't know, i am not putting it 'out there'!, And the 4 trips to the police station in the last year, he has calmed down the last few weeks. Except that he thinks it's okay to come in late, which would be okay as he's on his hols, but I can't sleep till he's in. So between his late nights and DD's 5am starts, I have forgotten what a good nights sleep is like. Answers on a postcard.

DS2 - in a word, truanting. So much so we're waiting to hear from the EWO. I mean, this kid is so bright. No, I agree, he doesn't get his brains from me. He wants to work for NASA or suchlike, and he's clever enough to, but going to school would help.. He's getting his hair cut on Thursday, so I'm hoping a new teenager will emerge from under it. If you haven't seen him lately, his hairs longer than mine. Which doesn't bother me. Remember Kezzy? So no problems with the length, but maybe new haircut, new attitude. Of course, there's always the possibility let's not go there!

DS3 - Just his usual self. He's over the assault by the park warden.....I so can't move past it. He's giving me the least grief atm. Thanks :) Up to his eyes in girlfriends and putting his own mark on fashion. Possible next John Galliano in the making.

DH - Cheeky, moody, flirty. stroppy, laidback. So no change there.

And me. Well - apart from the kids; working in the retail industry during a recession; taking 2 other jobs to keep a roof over our head; being 'smacked' on a smackblog for daring to have an opion; feeling 'at odds' with life; losing my sense of humour; losing my troll bracelet :( :being 'dumped' by one of my girlfriends; and on more than one occasion sitting with a bottle of pills and a bottle of alcohol. I am not a cup half empty person. I like life, but it's getting harder.

On a positive? The shop is still standing! DD does have good days, and when she is good, she really is very, very good! I have a gem in Lynn at the shop. One very down day when I was wondering what's it all about (Alfie!) my bf timed a phone call perfectly. She has no idea - since I haven't told her! - just what that phone call meant to me. I have a holiday in August with my brother and his family. My friend Mellie came to visit for 2 days and we had a wonderful time at Windsor and London. I have Center Parcs in October with my closest friends and DH is going to take the weekend off work, so I can go without any worrying. So life is good, I'm just feeling sorry for myself - Lou, neeeed that red wine night!

And that's my past few months in a nutshell.
Friday, July 11, 2008
I am still here, just having a difficult time atm, which is not what I want to blog about. Normal service will be resumed shortly.... hopefully.