Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Snapshots of the past few days:

In the car with DS3 .....*sniff*........*sniff*.......*sniff*....... DS, is your hayfever bad today? ...... Nah, just got a giant bogey stuck up there! What can you say, it's a boy thing!

Dad tried to cut a toad in half.

DD tried to pick up a toad.

DS1 has gone on his first holiday without his mummy and daddy - ok, yes, us. He's in Cyprus with girly and her family. Well we assume he is, not had a phone call or nothing. This is is, isn't it? Those apron strings are coming undone :( Nothing else for it, will have to have more babies.....JEFFFFF!

Tears, biiig tears.

That's all folks!


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