Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Went scrapping last night round at Liz's. Would have been more successful had I remembered the cutting mat; photographs; oh and enthusiasm and drive! One hour later the settee and a cuppa was much more inviting. Get home 10.15pm exhausted but needing to stay awake as DS2 was due in at 11. So decide to upload some work photos to Photobucket to pass the time. So manage to crash the computer - oops. I would deny all knowledge, except DH knows it was working before I touched it. 11.10. "DS2 where are you?" "Can I sleep at Harrys?" "Couldn't you have let me know an hour ago?" "Sorry" OMG if I had a penny for everytime one of them said that. "Okay, will phone you in a bit and make sure you're at his house." 11.45 pm phone and check DS2 is safe and sound. Collapse in bed. Woken at 12.30am as DD has an upset stomach. TMI? Collapse in bed. Woken at 1.30 by DD again. Collapse in bed. Woken by DH as he leaves at 5am and DD gets me up at 6am. Sleep? HA! Who needs it - me, me, me! Sort out kids. Send them all to school. But of course DD picks today to decide there is no way she is getting on the school bus. So have to leave one hour earlier than planned, to get madam to school, to be at work early for a rep. Phew!

Tonight a trip to the allotment and a stiff brandy to help me sleep. Except I hate brandy.

Photos of our first offerings from the allotment. Sad I know, but little things.....


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