Saturday, August 02, 2008
Best laid plans and all out. Him above decided to put a few obstacles in the way yesterday. Made for an interesting day. Check bank account. Leave house 9.05 am. Get petrol. Pick up SIL. Oh wait. Leave home 9.05am. Spend 30 mins at petrol station cos bank has cancelled my debit card and issued me with another. No idea, they couldn't tell me why. So here I am not able to pay for the petrol, despite having the money in the bank. In fact I can't access any money for a week unless I go into the branch. Will add that to the list of things I need to do. Pick up L 15 mins late, just as well I allowed plenty of time. She needs to drop a prescription off. Shut due to staff training. Of course. On the journey following GPS. Advised to ignore suggested junction and come off at a different one as it goes around the back of the city. Last time I listen to suggestions. Roadworks. Meant instead of arriving 10 mins early we arriveat the destination 30 mins late. Grrr. Meeting okay. Leaving follow GPS out of the city. Accident on the motorway. We are right next in front of a lorry which stinks like rotton cabbage. Decide to take our chances and get off the motorway. Either that or stink out in the 2 hour jam. Well that was a good move. 10 mins off the motorway and got back on after. Need a drink. DD had left cap off drink and it's all over seat. Thankfully just water. Turn radio up to listen to traffic report and manage to break the radio. Got stuck in a rolling police traffic jam. Oh and 1st August? The weather was so bad needed lights on.

Apart from that, great day! LOL

Mini book I made based on a kit from Mellie :)


  1. LOL!!!! ;)

    Well, anyway... it's an adorable mini-album! :D

  2. Love your mini album, Suzanne!!!!


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