Sunday, September 28, 2008
This is only a few photos of our holiday. It was a very simple, cheap break, mostly spent by the pool, eating, and in the company of my brother and his family. I have got some fab photos of a local market; a little village we went too, etc. But they were taken on my 'proper' camera and are therefore not on the pc!

So this little display will have to do!The first photograph is their home. Isn't it absolutely beautiful. They've done a lot to it, but it still looks and feels like a French farmhouse should.

This photo is their back garden! No, seriously! Well, okay, little white lie, there's also a lot more each side you can't see, including a stream. I mean, how cool is that!

Next we have DD, posing - in fact some of the photos she actually does a pose. Do you think I should have let her watch 'So you want to be a Supermodel'?! Followed by DS1, DS2 and DS3. As you can tell DS2 did NOT want his photo taken. Doesn't he have the Italian gesticulating just right! But if I had to have a least one photo on our holiday, then so did he. Deal with it!

The joint photo has one of my nephews on it, but it's not clear. I haven't included my little bruv's family as I haven't checked whether we minds their faces on the www. Will add some more at a later date if there's no problem.

Next one up is DH and me :) I have had that dress about 10 years, I love it. Have stitched it up so many times it's just as well it's a printed material! On a plus, at least I must be about the same weight as I can still get in it. You know that's the real reason I haven't lost any weight, because I just can't give up the dress!

Then we have DH and DD. She was such a sweetie on holiday - unlike this weekend! - she loves swimming. I think if we had a pool in our garden she would never misbehave again. Actually, no, she'd probably be worse cos she would never want to get out!

Have decided to take part in Ali Edwards challenge, A Week in my Life. So driving everyone mad as wherever I go, so goes the camera! I just thought, with all the cr*p going on atm, it will - hopefully - be nice to look back in a year and say "I got through that".

The idea is to record everything (okay, not that...... or that...... well, nearly everything) no matter how big or small it is. To record things the kids say that make you laugh. To journal how you're feeling. And of course, in true scrapbooker style, take loads of photographs. I get all ready yesterday. Write a journal entry about where we are in life right now. Take camera to DS3's football match - and then remember I should have charged the batteries.! But have made up for it since, even though DS2 isn't impressed.

Right, off to upload some photos of France for my dear American allies :)
Friday, September 26, 2008
DS1's turn. Spent yesterday morning at the doctors and the minor injuries unit. He's had a cold for a few days. Went onto his chest again. Thankfully it's 'only' a chest infection this time, not pneumonia. Next?
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Just a quick post. So how many 13 year olds would think it's a good idea to come down a slide on a skateboard? Anyone? No? Just mine then. *insert exhausted smilie with rolling eyes that wonders what they will do next!*
Friday, September 19, 2008
Today my shop is in the Drapers magazine, short-listed to the top four independant childrenswear retailers of the year. Would be absolutely fantasic if it wasn't so ironic. But, as step-mum said, if you're going out, at least you're going out in style.
Monday, September 15, 2008
Okay, will sort out France photos asap :)

Moan today, so switch off now if you're already depressed! Freaking Full Moon and DS1. That's all. Totally stressful weekend. I think we're going to have to quarantine him when there's a full moon.

Now a funny. We all know DS2 doesn't enjoy school. So he's in a lesson where they all need to take their shoes off (don't ask!). DS refuses as he has a hole in his sock. Teacher spends 5 mins arguing with him. Then says, "okay then, I'll have to get a member of the senior team" She brings back Deputy Head of DS's House (first teacher she found and one that knows DS really well). Him "Who is it?" Teacher "DS" Him, "Oh right DS, what's the problem?" DS "I've got a hole in my sock and I'm not taking my shoe off." He looks at the teacher and says "Yep, no he won't do it!" and walks out of the room smiling :)
Friday, September 12, 2008
I suppose 6 weeks isn't *that* bad between posts. So, quick recap:

- passed my book-keeping third exam. Now to find time to take on some book-keeping;
- nearly completed my A1 upgrade for assessing students;
- taking the PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector) course this term to help with my teaching skills. Oh, and it's a legal requirement, so got no choice! Well, I have, I could give up the teaching, but don't want to!
- DS1 did okay in his GCSE's. I do think he could have done better, but he had enough to get into college, so that's good;
- 3 weeks to Center Parcs :) :) :) :) Eager? Me? LOL
- scrapping? Only with kids, not with paper!
- I'm teaching a proper course starting the end of this month, the DPP (Diploma in Pre School Practice). Nervous and excited;
- Ella's been having fits again :(
- the shop has been short listed for Independent Childrens Retailer of the Year! Go figure;
- DS3 went to France at the beginning of his hols to see my little bruvver and his family. We followed him out 2 weeks later. Sun and rest. Did not want to come home.
- my American internet friends are planning a get-together next Autumn - sorry girls, Fall :) - and I so want to go. Flights okay, got to be some advantage for DH working silly hours at the airport. However, we're back to the being on the plane thing. Hypnotherapist here I come;
- have met up with lots of old friends lately, which has been lovely. Gutted I never got up to see Lou, maybe before Christmas when petrol doesn't cost more than caviar!

Enough? More? The shop? Don't even go there. Good choice of words, might not be going there much longer myself if things don't improve!