Sunday, September 28, 2008
This is only a few photos of our holiday. It was a very simple, cheap break, mostly spent by the pool, eating, and in the company of my brother and his family. I have got some fab photos of a local market; a little village we went too, etc. But they were taken on my 'proper' camera and are therefore not on the pc!

So this little display will have to do!The first photograph is their home. Isn't it absolutely beautiful. They've done a lot to it, but it still looks and feels like a French farmhouse should.

This photo is their back garden! No, seriously! Well, okay, little white lie, there's also a lot more each side you can't see, including a stream. I mean, how cool is that!

Next we have DD, posing - in fact some of the photos she actually does a pose. Do you think I should have let her watch 'So you want to be a Supermodel'?! Followed by DS1, DS2 and DS3. As you can tell DS2 did NOT want his photo taken. Doesn't he have the Italian gesticulating just right! But if I had to have a least one photo on our holiday, then so did he. Deal with it!

The joint photo has one of my nephews on it, but it's not clear. I haven't included my little bruv's family as I haven't checked whether we minds their faces on the www. Will add some more at a later date if there's no problem.

Next one up is DH and me :) I have had that dress about 10 years, I love it. Have stitched it up so many times it's just as well it's a printed material! On a plus, at least I must be about the same weight as I can still get in it. You know that's the real reason I haven't lost any weight, because I just can't give up the dress!

Then we have DH and DD. She was such a sweetie on holiday - unlike this weekend! - she loves swimming. I think if we had a pool in our garden she would never misbehave again. Actually, no, she'd probably be worse cos she would never want to get out!


Love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts below. Suzanne xx