Sunday, September 28, 2008
Have decided to take part in Ali Edwards challenge, A Week in my Life. So driving everyone mad as wherever I go, so goes the camera! I just thought, with all the cr*p going on atm, it will - hopefully - be nice to look back in a year and say "I got through that".

The idea is to record everything (okay, not that...... or that...... well, nearly everything) no matter how big or small it is. To record things the kids say that make you laugh. To journal how you're feeling. And of course, in true scrapbooker style, take loads of photographs. I get all ready yesterday. Write a journal entry about where we are in life right now. Take camera to DS3's football match - and then remember I should have charged the batteries.! But have made up for it since, even though DS2 isn't impressed.

Right, off to upload some photos of France for my dear American allies :)


  1. Great photos Suzanne and that dress is lovely on you, sounds like an ideal getaway, you definitely deserve it hon XXX

  2. Thanks for posting the pics! I love their house!!!! Looks like a great holiday. :)


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