Friday, September 12, 2008
I suppose 6 weeks isn't *that* bad between posts. So, quick recap:

- passed my book-keeping third exam. Now to find time to take on some book-keeping;
- nearly completed my A1 upgrade for assessing students;
- taking the PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector) course this term to help with my teaching skills. Oh, and it's a legal requirement, so got no choice! Well, I have, I could give up the teaching, but don't want to!
- DS1 did okay in his GCSE's. I do think he could have done better, but he had enough to get into college, so that's good;
- 3 weeks to Center Parcs :) :) :) :) Eager? Me? LOL
- scrapping? Only with kids, not with paper!
- I'm teaching a proper course starting the end of this month, the DPP (Diploma in Pre School Practice). Nervous and excited;
- Ella's been having fits again :(
- the shop has been short listed for Independent Childrens Retailer of the Year! Go figure;
- DS3 went to France at the beginning of his hols to see my little bruvver and his family. We followed him out 2 weeks later. Sun and rest. Did not want to come home.
- my American internet friends are planning a get-together next Autumn - sorry girls, Fall :) - and I so want to go. Flights okay, got to be some advantage for DH working silly hours at the airport. However, we're back to the being on the plane thing. Hypnotherapist here I come;
- have met up with lots of old friends lately, which has been lovely. Gutted I never got up to see Lou, maybe before Christmas when petrol doesn't cost more than caviar!

Enough? More? The shop? Don't even go there. Good choice of words, might not be going there much longer myself if things don't improve!


  1. Nice update, but where are your pictures of France??? ;)

  2. I want to see France too! Congrats on the shop being on the short list!!!


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