Monday, September 15, 2008
Okay, will sort out France photos asap :)

Moan today, so switch off now if you're already depressed! Freaking Full Moon and DS1. That's all. Totally stressful weekend. I think we're going to have to quarantine him when there's a full moon.

Now a funny. We all know DS2 doesn't enjoy school. So he's in a lesson where they all need to take their shoes off (don't ask!). DS refuses as he has a hole in his sock. Teacher spends 5 mins arguing with him. Then says, "okay then, I'll have to get a member of the senior team" She brings back Deputy Head of DS's House (first teacher she found and one that knows DS really well). Him "Who is it?" Teacher "DS" Him, "Oh right DS, what's the problem?" DS "I've got a hole in my sock and I'm not taking my shoe off." He looks at the teacher and says "Yep, no he won't do it!" and walks out of the room smiling :)


  1. Too funny that the Deputy Head knows your son soooooo well!!!!

  2. ahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! :)


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