Thursday, October 02, 2008

Singing along to this at the moment

Does it make me sad
  • to singalong to it?
  • to actually like it?
  • to admit that I like it?
Feeling good at the moment. Not sure why. Maybe because my destiny is out of my hands at the moment? The kids are behaving? Sex? Tidy house? Don't be silly, it's.............CENTER PARCS GIRLY WEEKEND TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited much.

Other less exciting news? DPP course is going ok I think - well the students are still coming back so I take that as a good sign; PTLLS course now in week 3 and a 1500 assignment is just calling me to be written. It needs to be in at 9.30 next Thursday. Bets on just how late into Wednesday night/Thursday morning I shall be writing it. Have taken tons of photographs for this album I'm doing. Have had a few strange looks as well, but then who's to say that's got anything to do with the photograph taking. Kids are all quiet, calm before the storm? DH on a weeks holiday so he's nice and chilled. Finally got to MJ's crop. And quilting class started last week. I don't think it'd ever 'get' me. I mean there's only so much pinning, cutting and stitching you can do. Yeah, okay, coming from a scrapper pot and kettle does spring to mind. But it will be nice to say 'I made that!'. Nearly finished A1 upgrade. Oh, and won another £50 worth of M & S vouchers for another blog I write. So this Christmas we'll be saying "This turkey is not just any turkey, it's an M & S turkey!"Anyhow, all boring, back to .......


Laterz xx


  1. Have a lovely weekend, hope to catch up soon.

  2. You make me laugh!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!


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