Saturday, October 11, 2008
Well yesterday was a mixed bag. I had to give the keys of the shop over to a very nice man named Paul. No! Of course not 'that' Paul! I feel emotional, yet numb. Strange combination.

And yet my little bruv phoned to check up on me. At the shop one of the part-timers popped into work to wish me well. Paul and his colleague were wonderful. It's a truly horrible situation to find oneself in, but when such supportive and approachable people are working for you, it does take the edge off.

I got back from the shop and found a flower delivery from M & S. My Saturday girl of 3 years sent them as a thank-you. Also, the postman had delivered a 'Thinking of You' card from a friend. And I had a lovely email from someone who has some understanding of what we're going through atm.

Like I say - a mixed bag of emotions. But as someone said to me last week 'Life is a journey, not a destination'. How profound - didn't know Aerosmith had it in them!

So yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life. I came home from the shop needing to be kept busy. So I decided to swap all the furniture in the den and the study. Seemed like a good idea. Until all the units are emptied. Then in trying to move the floor to ceiling units realised they are stuck because the ceiling has dropped. I cannot begin to describe the mess that is my downstairs! DS3 comes home, looks around and says "Oh my God mum, dad is going to flip. Do you do these things just to p*** him off!"

Had a chat on msn with a DIL2b. Went to bed at 11.30pm and worked till 1am on my next assignment for the teaching course. Not sure how long this new found energy is going to last, but it is fun!


  1. Oh Suzanne.....hugs, hugs and more hugs !!!!

  2. Thinking of you hon, most things in life happen for a reason and I am sure you will move onto pastures greener, good luck and keep smiling XXX

  3. Sending more good thoughts your way!!! So are the den and study switched around yet?


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