Friday, October 10, 2008
What a busy week. "There's a surprise!" I hear you say.

DS1 - Our first 'invitation' to his college to speak with his tutors! I suppose he did go a whole month! But he's much calmer. Maybe new college - premises - teachers - friends - etc. was a bit of overload for a teen with ADHD.

DS3 - New girlfriend. I know, how many? I lose count. He's doing well at school this term. Has has a pink tooth - seriously - for about a month. Wednesday night said tooth split in half and we could see what looked like blood vessels actually in the tooth! FF to dentist. Apparently his second tooth was so ready to come up it pushed the gum up through into his tooth! I know, I'd never heard of it either.

DS2 - What have I been doing for the past 13 years? Well, that would be taking the boys to football. Today though was a step closer to one of them playing professionally. DS2 was selected, after 3 trials, to play for the county. Proud mum moment :)

DH - Grumpy old man. No change then! Although he's spending the whole weekend under his car changing a gearbox, so thought should put him in a good mood. Yes, honestly.

DD - Same old, same old.

Me - Well I had the most wonderful weekend. Spa. Chocolate. Alcohol. Swimming. Sauna. Disco. Fab company. Resting. Oh, and I wrote a 1500 word assignment and a 450 word reflective account. And it was that good we've already booked next years!


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