Tuesday, November 25, 2008
And another week bites the dust. time is going too, too fast to keep up. In some fantasy world I thought I would have all this free time to become a Stepford Wife. Yeah right, nothing like being in cloud cuckoo land! For example this week I have
- My new part-time job;
- 8 candidates to see and assess;
- DPP course, and my teaching is being assessed!;
- PTLLS course - and it's the micro-teach time, so more assessing to see if I'm any good! As I've chosen scrapbooking, need to create 8 packs for the people assessing me. Bit worrying if I'm not after all the teaching I've done. Plus all the assignments!;
- I have an appointment with the fella that's helping me sort out the paperwork for the shop;
- last quilting class, so that's not going to be manic much!
- Hours and hours and hours and hours..... of paperwork to hit all my deadlines for this week. So yes, good point, why am I blogging! I suppose I also ought to find time to feed the family, do the washing, ironing, cleaning, blah, blah, blah. Keep up with my cyber buddies :) and maybe meet up with a few friends. Oh yes, right, who needs a social life. Mind you did go to one of my oldest friends divorce party at the weekend. Well actually DH and me both went. Bless him. Did he get much stick, him and only 1 other fella, all the rest were divorced women! So I had a good evening!

Right, gtg type up an assignment. Oh, and I forgot to mention, blooming boiler packed up on Sunday. Certainly knew the coldest weekend to do that!


Love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts below. Suzanne xx