Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Well hello strangers. It's been a month since I had to give up the keys to the shop. In some ways it's been a lifetime, but it's also only yesterday. Hence the lack of posts. Who feels like being cheery and upbeat when life's a bit yeuck. But I have had the most wonderful support from some people - you know who you are, give yourselves a pat on the back. Go on, at least try. Then video it, send it over, so we can all have a giggle!

So, apart from not having a business anymore, and therefore no money and a lot of debts, what else has been happening?

DS3 ended up in casualty having nearly split his lip in 2 -only 2 days after one of his best mates ended up in same casualty after losing a fight with a catherine wheel. Will they ever grow any brains? No, I don't think so either.

DD decided to go for a swim in the hydropool at school - and the problem? Oh that would be that she had had her session, got out, dried and then decided to go back in - fully clothed right to her shoes! And this'll be after getting a star for not wetting herself all day! Gotta love the irony.

I found my Hermes bracelet and troll bracelet :) I had given up ever seeing them again. I was heartbroken over the troll, as well as every bead being a gift, or having some meaning, I had put my grans wedding ring on it. But hey, just goes to show, it pays to clean your bedroom sometimes! And when you swap things from one bag to another - swap it all! So thanks Anna for the prayers to St Anthony, he must have been listening :)

Went to a firework display round one of DH's mates - lovely evening :)

DS1 had his 17th birthday - no I know, hard to believe I have a 17 year old isn't it! I just look so young :) No cracks about maturity either!

I've become a Care Ambassador - go look it up if you're that interested!

And that's about it. Tbh at the moment I'm just concentrating on keeping a roof over our head. But we have each other, and our health, and friends and family that are the best - both irl and cyber buddies :)


  1. Sometimes just taking it day by day is what life IS all about...it'll be temporary...& you'll get your groove back. Hang in there girl!

    Nice to see you posting again.


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