Saturday, December 06, 2008
Another busy week. "No, really?" I hear your sarcasm! Anyhow, both my teaching assessments went well. Phew! Could have been embarassing all round id they had decided I was c*ap after I've been teaching all term! The second one - for the PTLLS qualification - was recorded! I had to watch myself and reflect how I thought it went - and even if I say so myself, I thought it went well. Tutor even suggested I approach the college and offer to teach scrapbooking! Course finishes 11th December and that's the day the completed portfolio has to be in. And then in the New Year I start all over again with the CTLLS, next step up basically. I don't actually have to have it to teach the level I teach at, so what on earth possessed me to sign up for it! I know, glutton for punishment!

What else. Oh, Ella had her 10th birthday. I know, where has the last 6.5 years gone! When chatting to a student I mentioned I had a 17 year old son. She thought I was too young. Now, was she being nice, or is she hoping for an A****** Back to Ella. She had a lovely day. Her friends at school all made her cards and she took a cake in. She had some lovely pressies, visitors, e-mails and phone calls. So thanks if it was one of you :)

Went to see some friends Monday night who have the most adorable little girl. Almosyt, not quite but almost, made me broody! And it was a really nice feeling to be able to offer support and advice to them.

My quilt didn't get finished. That'll be on this weekends to-do list. Jeff went to the allotment meeting as it was at the same time, I think I owe him big time! LOL!

Thursday one of the Center Parcs ladies had the rest of the group round for a traditional Caribbean meal. OMG it was fantastic. I think I'm going to have to eat at Pats every night! And of course, with alcohol and a great group of friends, the whole evening was perfect :)

Last night we went to friends for a meal. DH has know the fella - like forever! And luckily his wife and I get on very well - even converted her to scrapbooking. World domination, one person at a time. Evil laugh (cos I don't know how to write it!). Another lovely night, and great for DH and I to get out as a couple. Not something that happens very often.

Busy, busy, busy weekend. So better get on with it. But as it's now Advent, will try and add lots of Christmas photos from various years. This one is from a journal I did a few years ago :)


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