Sunday, January 25, 2009
Dear oh dear. What a day. Starts off lovely. All boys football has been cancelled due to the torrential rain, so leisurely start to the day. Went to MJ's open shop day and treated myself to a couple of bits :) Then we went to Costco and renewed our membership. Of course while we were there we had to bring home a giant pizza and a couple of hotdogs. Love the takeaway pizzas they make :) Niceness continued. Jeff went out with his workmates 4ish, so I did a bit of scrapping. Ella to sleep and sat upstairs doing a crossword!

So far, so good.

Now it starts going downhill and gets complicated. Joe was staying at a mates. He got stopped by police - you know, couple of teenagers together so they must have been up to no good. Asks Joe his name. Checks. Turns out there's a warrant for Joe's arrest - since Dec 12th! They haven't been to the house, or phoned, anything in the past 6 weeks. Instead in their wisdom decide to arrest him on their busiest night of the week. Then one of the p.c. plods doesn't do something right, so although he was with the police nobody knew where he was or who he was with until 2am! So the warrant is for common assault. Sounds serious. He flicked - you know finger and thumb - some lad the same age as him on a bus as they were having words. And that was it. Seriously. The police were positively embarassed. His solicitor has said she'll have a field day if the police decide to charge him. And I'm just fed up with the whole thing.In the past 3 years, he's been arrested 5 times and not charged once; Josh once (got a final warning for putting washing up liquid in a fountain) and had not been in trouble before or after; and Ben once for borrowing his mates bike overnight cos the lad didn't hear Ben ask to borrow it even if the other mates did.It just is really peeing me off. Just because BIL is a waste of space and has been in and out of the nick and trouble for the past 30 years the local police seem to think my boys are going to go the same way. And these are the same flipping police that, despite having firm evidence, let the !""££$ of a park warden get away scott free for assaulting Ben and his mate. You couldn't make it up!
Saturday, January 24, 2009
Been a pretty uneventful week. The nurse did a good job of Joe's face, nice neat scar over his eye. Sara popped round Wednesday evening for a cuppa :) Watched Iron Man with Jeff. Anna and Connell stopped in for a cuppa :) And that's it. Seriously, how boring is my life atm! Oh and I had the bug from hell for about 3 days, which has still left me tired out.

Remember the one-liner from Ben a few months ago when I was rearranging the furniture - "Oh my God mum, dad is going to flip. Do you do these things just to p*** him off!" This week it was Josh's turn. The advert from the Official Receiver went in the paper about the bankruptcy. I sort of hoped it might have been overlooked with it happening so close to Christmas. No such luck. So in the paper it went. Josh gets asked by one of his mates about it. Maybe I'm wrong, but how many 15 year olds read the local rag, let alone the adverts at the back. Nosey parents methinks. So Josh says "Mum, it was so embarassing, what possessed you to put an advert about it in the papers!" Like I would!

This week I am grateful for? Having my friends help me through the bankruptcy, whether it was visits, phone-calls or emails. Supporting me when I felt so low. My dad and step-mum appearing with 8 bags of groceries when we couldn't afford to eat. My best friend phoning at exactly the moment I was sitting with a bottle of pills in front of me. Sleep. And Jeff, for still loving me, despite me investing in a shop that has left us worrying about whether we'll lose the house.
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Monday. Kids off to school. Jeff to work. Me to college to continue my teacher training. Which in itself is strange, because I can't take the CTLLS unless I have the PTLLS - the one I did last term. That's not being marked till the end of January, but CTLLS starts at the beginning of January. Will be interesting if I've failed the first part! Looks much more intensive. I suppose that's logical seeing as at the end of the 2 years the award is a degree. Who'd thought I'd ever take a degree course. Me neither.

Quiet afternoon. Worked out my maternity cover job finishes 3rd July, which is when the DPP finishes for the summer. Think I'd better start saving some pennies now to make up for no wages for 2 months!

Joined Facebook. Not sure why. Just had so many people ask. But I wont get sucked in. Honestly, just because I stayed up till 2am looking up people I used to know does not mean I'm gonna get sucked in. Had to use that phrase twice for my American friends *insert winking smilie*

Ended Monday with a call from one of Joe's mates. He's had an accident. Stomach drops. Bloody moped. Well no, not exactly. Bloody helmet. One of his 'mates' swung Joe's helmet and caught him. Blood everywhere. Missed his eye, just, skin split wide open. Mild concussion. Kid couldn't apologise enough. Trip to local ER for putting back together. Bloody kids!

So this week I am very grateful that Joe only had minor injuries. And that, as an employee at the local college, I can take my teacher training course through the college for free.
Saturday, January 10, 2009
Normal life has been resumed. Kids are back at school, and Jeff and I are back at work. What a shock to the system that was! The decorations came down 12th night. I hate it at first when the house looks so empty and 'uncosy', but it is a bit easier to clean. It's been cold - with a vengeance - -9 degrees. So stooopid neighbour (yes the rude one) decides to wash her car. We live at the bottom of a slope, so yes, we have an ice-rink outside the house and you all know Ella can't walk steadily at the best of times. Joshua's taking his mocks atm. Having to appeal against Ella's DLA. They seem to think that as she's in nappies at nights she's no trouble. Maybe they'd like to move in for a couple of days and deal with her, then say she's no problem at nights. Tidied the den, it became a bit of a dumping ground over December, so hopefully will be able to play soon.

So this week I am grateful for:
the new series of ER - boy did I cry!
The weather - great photo opportunities :)
Long phone call from Dawn;
Email from Louise cos I thought she'd forgotten all about me :(
Ritalin! LOL!
Monday, January 05, 2009
Yesterday morning it seemed like a good idea. Would only take an hour or so. Ha! Five hours later I resurfaced. What exciting thing had I undertaken that warranted giving up a Sunday? That would be tidying up under the stairs. OMGoodness, I cannot believe how much tat we had accumulated, and just how much we had managed to squeeze into a small space! Magazines went back 10 years, so I assume it's been that long! Oh well, it looks fab now, only a third full; Jeff used the offcuts from the £10 floor to put in there; and I can walk to the end. So worth it in the end.

I also sorted out my stamps. All the clear ones are in page protectors in a foolscap folder. And I stamped every stamp I have onto A4 paper in categories. Sad I know, but if it means I use the stamps more it's all good. Now if someone can tell me how to get the ink off my nail beds that'd be helpful!

Today I am grateful that the kids have gone back to school!
Friday, January 02, 2009
Morning :) Had an - almost - lovely New Years Day. Can I just say - 17 year olds "I'm 18 this year" (in 11 months) - nuff said!

Dad and Sandra came up, and Robert and co came round (he's been over since before Christmas) and we had a lovely day. So much calmer now the kids are older and they're not all rugrats under your feet and fighting! Lunch; long walk at a nearby woodland; tea; buzz, with 8 of us playing; and just altogether a lovely relaxed day. Now that is what Christmas is all about! Although the highlight has to be little bruv setting light to the Camembert and chucking it across the room into a sink full of washing up liquid! And then Jeff suggesting we fish it out and rinse it. No, of course I didn't!

On my fav forum we're all choosing one word to take us through 2009. Took ages for me, but eventually I came up with Gratitude. I plan to be grateful for what I have got, and not look back at what I lost last year. So today I am grateful for yesterday :) I'm fully expecting some days to not be so easy to find the gratitude! LOL!

Used my film camera yesterday, so can't share any photos, but with the long lense it was the better choice. So instead here's an old photo of said 17 year old when we only had the ADHD to contend with, instead of ADHD, hormones and attitude. Who thought I'd ever be grateful for just ADHD!