Saturday, January 24, 2009
Been a pretty uneventful week. The nurse did a good job of Joe's face, nice neat scar over his eye. Sara popped round Wednesday evening for a cuppa :) Watched Iron Man with Jeff. Anna and Connell stopped in for a cuppa :) And that's it. Seriously, how boring is my life atm! Oh and I had the bug from hell for about 3 days, which has still left me tired out.

Remember the one-liner from Ben a few months ago when I was rearranging the furniture - "Oh my God mum, dad is going to flip. Do you do these things just to p*** him off!" This week it was Josh's turn. The advert from the Official Receiver went in the paper about the bankruptcy. I sort of hoped it might have been overlooked with it happening so close to Christmas. No such luck. So in the paper it went. Josh gets asked by one of his mates about it. Maybe I'm wrong, but how many 15 year olds read the local rag, let alone the adverts at the back. Nosey parents methinks. So Josh says "Mum, it was so embarassing, what possessed you to put an advert about it in the papers!" Like I would!

This week I am grateful for? Having my friends help me through the bankruptcy, whether it was visits, phone-calls or emails. Supporting me when I felt so low. My dad and step-mum appearing with 8 bags of groceries when we couldn't afford to eat. My best friend phoning at exactly the moment I was sitting with a bottle of pills in front of me. Sleep. And Jeff, for still loving me, despite me investing in a shop that has left us worrying about whether we'll lose the house.


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