Sunday, January 25, 2009
Dear oh dear. What a day. Starts off lovely. All boys football has been cancelled due to the torrential rain, so leisurely start to the day. Went to MJ's open shop day and treated myself to a couple of bits :) Then we went to Costco and renewed our membership. Of course while we were there we had to bring home a giant pizza and a couple of hotdogs. Love the takeaway pizzas they make :) Niceness continued. Jeff went out with his workmates 4ish, so I did a bit of scrapping. Ella to sleep and sat upstairs doing a crossword!

So far, so good.

Now it starts going downhill and gets complicated. Joe was staying at a mates. He got stopped by police - you know, couple of teenagers together so they must have been up to no good. Asks Joe his name. Checks. Turns out there's a warrant for Joe's arrest - since Dec 12th! They haven't been to the house, or phoned, anything in the past 6 weeks. Instead in their wisdom decide to arrest him on their busiest night of the week. Then one of the p.c. plods doesn't do something right, so although he was with the police nobody knew where he was or who he was with until 2am! So the warrant is for common assault. Sounds serious. He flicked - you know finger and thumb - some lad the same age as him on a bus as they were having words. And that was it. Seriously. The police were positively embarassed. His solicitor has said she'll have a field day if the police decide to charge him. And I'm just fed up with the whole thing.In the past 3 years, he's been arrested 5 times and not charged once; Josh once (got a final warning for putting washing up liquid in a fountain) and had not been in trouble before or after; and Ben once for borrowing his mates bike overnight cos the lad didn't hear Ben ask to borrow it even if the other mates did.It just is really peeing me off. Just because BIL is a waste of space and has been in and out of the nick and trouble for the past 30 years the local police seem to think my boys are going to go the same way. And these are the same flipping police that, despite having firm evidence, let the !""££$ of a park warden get away scott free for assaulting Ben and his mate. You couldn't make it up!


  1. Oh honey I honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry, what a blooody nightmare, all this for a flick OMG they need their heads reading, I am fighting like mad to get a teacher questioned for assaulting my son, you have fought like crazy over the park warden, do they just ignore proper crime ???????? Glad it turned out to be so minor but I do feel for you and the boys, if the police keep pushing they are going to end up making one of them reactn just so unfair ((((HUGS )))))


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