Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Monday. Kids off to school. Jeff to work. Me to college to continue my teacher training. Which in itself is strange, because I can't take the CTLLS unless I have the PTLLS - the one I did last term. That's not being marked till the end of January, but CTLLS starts at the beginning of January. Will be interesting if I've failed the first part! Looks much more intensive. I suppose that's logical seeing as at the end of the 2 years the award is a degree. Who'd thought I'd ever take a degree course. Me neither.

Quiet afternoon. Worked out my maternity cover job finishes 3rd July, which is when the DPP finishes for the summer. Think I'd better start saving some pennies now to make up for no wages for 2 months!

Joined Facebook. Not sure why. Just had so many people ask. But I wont get sucked in. Honestly, just because I stayed up till 2am looking up people I used to know does not mean I'm gonna get sucked in. Had to use that phrase twice for my American friends *insert winking smilie*

Ended Monday with a call from one of Joe's mates. He's had an accident. Stomach drops. Bloody moped. Well no, not exactly. Bloody helmet. One of his 'mates' swung Joe's helmet and caught him. Blood everywhere. Missed his eye, just, skin split wide open. Mild concussion. Kid couldn't apologise enough. Trip to local ER for putting back together. Bloody kids!

So this week I am very grateful that Joe only had minor injuries. And that, as an employee at the local college, I can take my teacher training course through the college for free.


  1. Glad to hear Joe's injuries were minor ones!! I'm going to not get sucked into facebook just like you, Suzanne!!!

  2. Oooh...scary about the bloody injuries :O

    How funny that us 'American Friends' get a mention in your entry...let's see here, humm??...staying up to the wee hours of the morning ISN'T getting "sucked in" to Facebook???

    Silly Girl!

  3. Sounds like quite the hectic week!

  4. Good luck with your teacher training Suzanne.
    Now that is a job that is surely credit crunch proof.

    Hope your sons eye is better now.

    Wonder how much the scrapafairy is, no answers as yet?


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