Friday, January 02, 2009
Morning :) Had an - almost - lovely New Years Day. Can I just say - 17 year olds "I'm 18 this year" (in 11 months) - nuff said!

Dad and Sandra came up, and Robert and co came round (he's been over since before Christmas) and we had a lovely day. So much calmer now the kids are older and they're not all rugrats under your feet and fighting! Lunch; long walk at a nearby woodland; tea; buzz, with 8 of us playing; and just altogether a lovely relaxed day. Now that is what Christmas is all about! Although the highlight has to be little bruv setting light to the Camembert and chucking it across the room into a sink full of washing up liquid! And then Jeff suggesting we fish it out and rinse it. No, of course I didn't!

On my fav forum we're all choosing one word to take us through 2009. Took ages for me, but eventually I came up with Gratitude. I plan to be grateful for what I have got, and not look back at what I lost last year. So today I am grateful for yesterday :) I'm fully expecting some days to not be so easy to find the gratitude! LOL!

Used my film camera yesterday, so can't share any photos, but with the long lense it was the better choice. So instead here's an old photo of said 17 year old when we only had the ADHD to contend with, instead of ADHD, hormones and attitude. Who thought I'd ever be grateful for just ADHD!


  1. I love your humor! :) Sounds like a great holiday!!!


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