Saturday, January 10, 2009
Normal life has been resumed. Kids are back at school, and Jeff and I are back at work. What a shock to the system that was! The decorations came down 12th night. I hate it at first when the house looks so empty and 'uncosy', but it is a bit easier to clean. It's been cold - with a vengeance - -9 degrees. So stooopid neighbour (yes the rude one) decides to wash her car. We live at the bottom of a slope, so yes, we have an ice-rink outside the house and you all know Ella can't walk steadily at the best of times. Joshua's taking his mocks atm. Having to appeal against Ella's DLA. They seem to think that as she's in nappies at nights she's no trouble. Maybe they'd like to move in for a couple of days and deal with her, then say she's no problem at nights. Tidied the den, it became a bit of a dumping ground over December, so hopefully will be able to play soon.

So this week I am grateful for:
the new series of ER - boy did I cry!
The weather - great photo opportunities :)
Long phone call from Dawn;
Email from Louise cos I thought she'd forgotten all about me :(
Ritalin! LOL!


  1. Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things, Suzanne! :0)


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