Monday, January 05, 2009
Yesterday morning it seemed like a good idea. Would only take an hour or so. Ha! Five hours later I resurfaced. What exciting thing had I undertaken that warranted giving up a Sunday? That would be tidying up under the stairs. OMGoodness, I cannot believe how much tat we had accumulated, and just how much we had managed to squeeze into a small space! Magazines went back 10 years, so I assume it's been that long! Oh well, it looks fab now, only a third full; Jeff used the offcuts from the £10 floor to put in there; and I can walk to the end. So worth it in the end.

I also sorted out my stamps. All the clear ones are in page protectors in a foolscap folder. And I stamped every stamp I have onto A4 paper in categories. Sad I know, but if it means I use the stamps more it's all good. Now if someone can tell me how to get the ink off my nail beds that'd be helpful!

Today I am grateful that the kids have gone back to school!


  1. You have been very, very productive!! Way to go, Suzanne!!

  2. WOW Suzanne! I'm impressed with your organization projects...I did the magazine one too....but the stamp project sounds like a good one I haven't gotten around to yet?!


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