Thursday, February 26, 2009
Ash Wednesday yesterday. So I have decided to stop procrastinating for Lent as I always put things off till 'tomorrow'.

Well, I'm probably going to, will have a think about it and get round to deciding in a few days! LOL!
Saturday, February 21, 2009
Half-term is nearly over. Anyone know where it went? I really need to grow a tail because I feel like I'm chasing it most of the time! Ben now has croup. Josh hurt himself on the football pitch this morning which ended up with a couple of hours at A&E. Honestly thought he had broken something, the poor lad was agony. We're talking a 15 year old that says 'real men don't cry' sobbing his eyes out in so much pain. Anyhow 'luckily' he's torn the membrane between the bone and the muscle. No exercise for 2 weeks and has crutches for when he's well enough to move around, in the meantime I've become his servant! Never again will I think a footballer's making a fuss over nothing. There's no need to think about gratitude today, Joshua's injuries could have been so much worse.

The first photo is a home grown mushroom :) It's about 4" tall and 3" wide - not bad hey?

The other photos are the start of an album track I'm doing with a group of friends :) First time I've scrapped that shape - quite like it :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Busy few days. Let's see. First thing Monday took all the kids for their bi-annual dental check-up. 4 for 4 success rate. I know, I was impressed too. Then to Krazy Kids to see Niki and have a cuppa :) Photo below is her soft play business :) Um, long appointment to sort out some financial things. Had to smile, accidentally added an extra nought onto one of the figures - ouch! Had a cuppa with Anna. Was going to go scrapping but had a racking headache. Today went to see a candidate. Had a cuppa with Lynn! Notice any pattern? LOL Joe has been back to the police. Has had a reprimand - like a slap on the wrist. So need to decide how to deal with the infatuation the police have with our family. Now I need to prepare the classes for next term; my homework for my college course; the allotment; finish the accounts for the shop. But, what I really want to do is go to sleep!

Today I am grateful for friends and the support I have had :) xx

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Having a lovely weekend. Yesterday went to town in the morning and got some useful bits in Poundland - gotta love Poundland :) Ben had a footy match. Did some baking. Was going to be the dutiful wife - get back up off the floor! - and cook a meal. Jeff decided he'd rather have a takeaway. I like to think her was being considerate to save me cooking. But something tells me it was to save himself from eating my cooking. LOL. So while he went out to get the take away Ben and Ella helped me get the table laid - bless, they did their best as you can see. Ben also helped ice the cakes. Let's just say he's never made icing before, long story short, it's still wet and not set today. But it's the thought that counts :) Jeff was well chuffed, and actually managed to not follow it up with a sarky comment. Was weird - nice weird - for just the 2 of us to have a meal uninteruppted. Well, when I say uninterrupted, it was until Ella decided she had to join us because she was obviously worried she was missing out of something.

Today we've been to our local big outdoor market. Years ago it used to be heaving. This was before pound shops and Sunday trading. The queue would be an hour long before you even managed to park. Now it's less than half third full and not many customers. Easier to walk round though! Then we went to the allotment. Took the older 2 boys. I wanted them to do something for me yesterday, and as they didn't they had to come and help move a pile of horse manure!!! As you can imagine they weren't that impressed and didn't quite describe it as 'moving horse manure'. Not going to post it, but I think you can use your imagination! Now off to give myself food poisoning by reheating rice.....

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Last week during the cybercrop I did a LO that I kept looking at and wasn't happy with. So today I took it apart and rejigged it. Much prefer it :)
Happy Valentines Day xx
Friday, February 13, 2009
Teach on Wednesday, admin on Thursday, day off Friday and pub lunch with Jeff.


Wednesday. Severe floods. Less than 50% of students arrive. Joe's moped breaks down. Ben gets sent home from school. End up going into work till 7.30pm. Take Joe to and from work.

Thursday. CACHE advisor coming into college. Need to pick up lunch for her. My car has frozen lock. Climb in through drivers seat. Car fails to start. Jeff has to give Joe lift and me lift. Couldn't spend as much time with the CACHE EV as I should have, and she ended up with sandwiches from cafe next door! Ella develops temperature of 39.

Friday. Ella still has temp of 39. Ben has temp of 38. So 2 off sick. Joe will needs lifts. So will I. Got to deliver 2 files to candidates and go to work to make up for hours I didn't work yesterday. Which means Jeff has to be a taxi service. Jeff finds out what's wrong with the car. Alternator. Cheapest price is £150 and that's just the part. Thank goodness he knows his way around a car engine, otherwise I think it would have been nearer the £500 mark at a garage. Quiet Friday night? As if. Joe has 5 mates round to play poker. And the fairy cakes I made yesterday. Kids bloody ate the lot. Which is good, except would have been nice to have one!

I am very grateful for calpol :) and for a husband who enjoys taking cars apart. Actually, I'm so grateful for Jeff full stop :)
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Another quickie! The first part of my Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector -I know, what a mouthful LOL. PTTLS for short! Anyhow, choices are pass or fail, and pass Level 3 or Pass Level 4......................... and I Passed L4 :) I am so chuffed. For someone who left school at 16 with a couple of O Levels, well, let's just say I never expected to pass, let alone get comments on excellent academic writing :) Okay, I know I'm bragging, but I don't get to very often LOL. So that's the news for today, and no guesses for what I'm grateful for :)
Sunday, February 08, 2009
Flying visit. Managed a total of 7 layouts this weekend, here's the other 3 :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009
Scrap? Iron? Scrap? Iron? As if there's a choice. So today I have cleared the ironing pile :) So that pile as tall as the settee isn't really there, just a figment of my imagination! Been to Tescos - got a few bargains - new school skirt for Ella for a fiver; five pairs thick tights for me for £2.50 and farmhouse loaves reduced to 25pence each. But the real bargain is the Spa sets that were £8 each reduced to £2 :) And the sell by date is July 2010. Into the cupboard they go for stocking fillers. I know, sad, but this Christmas was just so much easier when we only had the 6 kids and each other to worry about.

So, back to the scrapping. On ukscrappers they have a cybercrop. Those of you that think my love of paper is sad may just want to scroll to the photos at the end of the post! So all weekend there are challenges and classes for suggestions for layouts (technical term for those not in the know to describe when photo meets paper LOL). Also lots of other stuff going on that I don't tend to get involved with. Anyhow, with the football cancelled yet again for the boys, what else has a girl got to do. Okay, yes the ironing, but apart from that? Yes, hoovering, but apart from that? Oh okay, there are a lot of things I could have been doing, but I didn't. But I did scrap. And I've attached the end results. They are variations on classes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Today I am grateful for fake Baileys and Maltesers, curling up in front of the tv and having a roof over my head and heating!

Friday, February 06, 2009
Where have I been? Out enjoying the snow of course :) Appreciating that as an adult I may be in a minority, but I love it! So the country grinds to a halt, when was the last time? 19 years ago so let's just enjoy it :) Boys have been having great fun out in it. Ella likes it for about 10 minutes at a time, but her body can't cope with the cold, so lots of short, sharp bursts. Photos? Yes, lots of course, but with my film camera. Kids have enjoyed having time off school. Jeff got stuck at work Sunday night. Should have been home 10pm-ish, but they got asked to stay on to help out and he got home 6am. Yawn!

What else? Joe. Due back at the police station on the 18th to find out if the police want to prosecute. Seriously. So the motto of this story is 'no hands, not even a pat on the head, flick of the finger' or you could be arrested for common assault. Oh wait a minute, you would also have to have our surname, because really, who else would get arrested for it. I was all set to send a letter of complaint to the CI for the area, not just this town, cos we all know what the local constabulary are like, but boys said 'don't mum, you'll make things worse'. Isn't that wrong at 16 and 17 they feel that way towards a service that's supposed to protect them. Joe. Failed his driving test theory. Which is no bad thing cos he thinks he knows it all, so does him good to know that he doesn't! LOL! Jeff. Got a call up for jurors service again, this time at Coroners Court! Josh. What to say. Put it like this, he is so ready to leave school and go to college. Got sent home yesterday cos he refused to take his coat off in class. What can I say? I kept my fleece on all day in the office. And Josh and I are quite hot-blooded (yeah, I know, I've got the temperament to prove it). We're the ones likely to be wearing short sleeves in December, so if we've got our coats on it's because it's bloody cold! Ben. Played a football match and scored a goal. Okay, doesn't sound exciting, except he's a defender, and he got the goal past his old goalie from when they played in the same team for about 6-7 years! And Ella. Apart from one unpleasant mood the other morning, she's quite settled. And she went to bed on her own. Yes, that is a big deal in this household. And me. Not much different. Still teaching and learning and running around like a headless chicken.

There's no surprise that I am grateful for the snow; the Bank of England for dropping the base rate to 1%; and Ella having a good nights sleep!