Saturday, February 21, 2009
Half-term is nearly over. Anyone know where it went? I really need to grow a tail because I feel like I'm chasing it most of the time! Ben now has croup. Josh hurt himself on the football pitch this morning which ended up with a couple of hours at A&E. Honestly thought he had broken something, the poor lad was agony. We're talking a 15 year old that says 'real men don't cry' sobbing his eyes out in so much pain. Anyhow 'luckily' he's torn the membrane between the bone and the muscle. No exercise for 2 weeks and has crutches for when he's well enough to move around, in the meantime I've become his servant! Never again will I think a footballer's making a fuss over nothing. There's no need to think about gratitude today, Joshua's injuries could have been so much worse.

The first photo is a home grown mushroom :) It's about 4" tall and 3" wide - not bad hey?

The other photos are the start of an album track I'm doing with a group of friends :) First time I've scrapped that shape - quite like it :)


  1. Hope your boy isn´t in too much pain now.
    Wow! What a healthy mushroom! :)

  2. That is a HUGE mushroom!!! :)

    And thanks for all of your encouragement regarding the adoption process. I have to call our adoption worker tomorrow & make sure everything's a go for licensing!


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