Sunday, February 15, 2009
Having a lovely weekend. Yesterday went to town in the morning and got some useful bits in Poundland - gotta love Poundland :) Ben had a footy match. Did some baking. Was going to be the dutiful wife - get back up off the floor! - and cook a meal. Jeff decided he'd rather have a takeaway. I like to think her was being considerate to save me cooking. But something tells me it was to save himself from eating my cooking. LOL. So while he went out to get the take away Ben and Ella helped me get the table laid - bless, they did their best as you can see. Ben also helped ice the cakes. Let's just say he's never made icing before, long story short, it's still wet and not set today. But it's the thought that counts :) Jeff was well chuffed, and actually managed to not follow it up with a sarky comment. Was weird - nice weird - for just the 2 of us to have a meal uninteruppted. Well, when I say uninterrupted, it was until Ella decided she had to join us because she was obviously worried she was missing out of something.

Today we've been to our local big outdoor market. Years ago it used to be heaving. This was before pound shops and Sunday trading. The queue would be an hour long before you even managed to park. Now it's less than half third full and not many customers. Easier to walk round though! Then we went to the allotment. Took the older 2 boys. I wanted them to do something for me yesterday, and as they didn't they had to come and help move a pile of horse manure!!! As you can imagine they weren't that impressed and didn't quite describe it as 'moving horse manure'. Not going to post it, but I think you can use your imagination! Now off to give myself food poisoning by reheating rice.....


  1. That table looks fit for royalty Suzanne. :D Boo xxx


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