Friday, February 13, 2009
Teach on Wednesday, admin on Thursday, day off Friday and pub lunch with Jeff.


Wednesday. Severe floods. Less than 50% of students arrive. Joe's moped breaks down. Ben gets sent home from school. End up going into work till 7.30pm. Take Joe to and from work.

Thursday. CACHE advisor coming into college. Need to pick up lunch for her. My car has frozen lock. Climb in through drivers seat. Car fails to start. Jeff has to give Joe lift and me lift. Couldn't spend as much time with the CACHE EV as I should have, and she ended up with sandwiches from cafe next door! Ella develops temperature of 39.

Friday. Ella still has temp of 39. Ben has temp of 38. So 2 off sick. Joe will needs lifts. So will I. Got to deliver 2 files to candidates and go to work to make up for hours I didn't work yesterday. Which means Jeff has to be a taxi service. Jeff finds out what's wrong with the car. Alternator. Cheapest price is £150 and that's just the part. Thank goodness he knows his way around a car engine, otherwise I think it would have been nearer the £500 mark at a garage. Quiet Friday night? As if. Joe has 5 mates round to play poker. And the fairy cakes I made yesterday. Kids bloody ate the lot. Which is good, except would have been nice to have one!

I am very grateful for calpol :) and for a husband who enjoys taking cars apart. Actually, I'm so grateful for Jeff full stop :)


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