Friday, February 06, 2009
Where have I been? Out enjoying the snow of course :) Appreciating that as an adult I may be in a minority, but I love it! So the country grinds to a halt, when was the last time? 19 years ago so let's just enjoy it :) Boys have been having great fun out in it. Ella likes it for about 10 minutes at a time, but her body can't cope with the cold, so lots of short, sharp bursts. Photos? Yes, lots of course, but with my film camera. Kids have enjoyed having time off school. Jeff got stuck at work Sunday night. Should have been home 10pm-ish, but they got asked to stay on to help out and he got home 6am. Yawn!

What else? Joe. Due back at the police station on the 18th to find out if the police want to prosecute. Seriously. So the motto of this story is 'no hands, not even a pat on the head, flick of the finger' or you could be arrested for common assault. Oh wait a minute, you would also have to have our surname, because really, who else would get arrested for it. I was all set to send a letter of complaint to the CI for the area, not just this town, cos we all know what the local constabulary are like, but boys said 'don't mum, you'll make things worse'. Isn't that wrong at 16 and 17 they feel that way towards a service that's supposed to protect them. Joe. Failed his driving test theory. Which is no bad thing cos he thinks he knows it all, so does him good to know that he doesn't! LOL! Jeff. Got a call up for jurors service again, this time at Coroners Court! Josh. What to say. Put it like this, he is so ready to leave school and go to college. Got sent home yesterday cos he refused to take his coat off in class. What can I say? I kept my fleece on all day in the office. And Josh and I are quite hot-blooded (yeah, I know, I've got the temperament to prove it). We're the ones likely to be wearing short sleeves in December, so if we've got our coats on it's because it's bloody cold! Ben. Played a football match and scored a goal. Okay, doesn't sound exciting, except he's a defender, and he got the goal past his old goalie from when they played in the same team for about 6-7 years! And Ella. Apart from one unpleasant mood the other morning, she's quite settled. And she went to bed on her own. Yes, that is a big deal in this household. And me. Not much different. Still teaching and learning and running around like a headless chicken.

There's no surprise that I am grateful for the snow; the Bank of England for dropping the base rate to 1%; and Ella having a good nights sleep!


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