Sunday, March 22, 2009
Happy Mothers Day :) I am still waiting to be spoilt - glad I'm not holding my breath.

So were you a Leon or Rhydian fan on the X-Factor? Rhydian all the way for me, complete travesity that Leon won. But we Rhydian fans have been exhonerated :) His debut album sold 500,000 (yep, one of those was me for Josh at Christmas) copies. Leon's only sold 150,000 and he's been dropped by his record label :)

Speaking of Josh. He was out last night with Joe and a couple of mates. Some 31 year old lush gets chatting to him and puts her hand up his tee-shirt to feel his pecs! *insert shocked smilie* I wasn't impressed, but he's cool about it. Apparently 'she looked liked Jennifer Aniston and was well fit'. They even shared a cab to town. Now Josh is absolutely fine about it, but had he been a 16 year old girl, and the 31 year old was a man it would have been a sexual assault. So why is it okay?


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