Saturday, March 14, 2009
Hi Suzanne/Latheria :) My absence means I am trying really hard with my lental promise on procrastination!

So as an example, Thursday just gone:
Awake at 3.30 to say goodbye to Jeff as he goes off to work.
Ella wakes me at 4.30.
Off to college at 8am and meeting with a student at 9am.
Out to see a candidate at 10am.
Back to college and out again at 1pm to see a candidate and back to college.
5pm off to Ben's parents evening - which we were really pleased with :)
Finally at 7.30 out with my girlfriends for a get together and lots of rose wine!

So that's one day. In the last 2 weeks I've also:
Been to a surprise 40th birthday party;
And a surpise 50th;
Marked my students assignments for their first unit;
Completed my assignment for my teacher training course;
Still working at the college in admin and with the NVQ candidates and the teaching;
Spent hours down the allotment preparing it for sowing;
Team meetings;
Ella's had her annual statement review;
Smartboard training;
And of course being a taxi service - drycleaners - restaurant - entertainer - disciplinarian - cleaner - babysitter - sandwich bar -educator - nurse -general dogs body!

Phew, quick catch-up!

Gratitude - to be busy in this current climate.

Couple of photos from one of the parties - can you believe that not only we got the whole family to go, but that I managed to get a photo of the boys!!


  1. what wonderful photos of your family Suzanne! need a break girl!

  2. Oh what FAB photos!!! Your boys are complete it!

    Oh Ella looks so beautiful and soooo grown up!!


  3. *grin* Good enough answer for me as to your absence. :D Keep up all of the fantastic work. And sleep once in a while, will you? You're making the rest of us look bad!


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