Tuesday, March 17, 2009
So Jeff and I were having a heated discussion this morning - he is so not a morning person! There was not enough bread for the kids packed lunches. "Why hadn't I defrosted some bread?!"

Rewind 24 hours, he made Mondays, and we didn't have bread for tea, but apparently that's not the point - "why didn't I defrost some bread?!"

Um. Right. I was at work at 7.45am. I was in my teaching training class at 9.30. I was with a candidate at 1pm. Oh, I did stop at 2.30 for half an hour for a quick lunch. Naughty me! Pick Joe up from college at 3.10. Home for Ella. Take Joe to work. Go to college for a few hours. Home for tea. 7.30 go searching for Ben cos he isn't home. 8pm get Joe from work. Put Ella to bed. Collapse in a heap. And what does my loving husband say? "So why hadn't I defrosted some bread?!"


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