Monday, April 20, 2009
Nearly back to the 'normal' routine and exhausted already LOL So, no time for jibber jabber. Have altered Ella's crash helmet, and another scrap page for today :)
Sunday, April 19, 2009
Just a quick post. Can't believe the two weeks Easter holidays are over and everything's back to normal - well whatever 'normal' means in our house! Went to Alexandra Palace and Ikea yesterday. Didn't spend much, but was nice to browse, and I got a chance to say hello to Anna, Claire and Lily, so that was nice. I am also totally blown away with the Crafters Companion. Will start saving pennies :)

On one of my 2 fave forums we're having a week of challenges. Yesterday's was a sketch so this is my take on it :) The journalling will be about how lovely Benjamin played with Ella , but, well look at Joshua's cheeky face and I think that says a thousand words.

Better get on with the 101 things we need to do today to get back into the school - work - school - work - boredom routine!

Have a lovely Sunday x
Thursday, April 16, 2009
Happy Anniversary to Me!
Happy Anniversary to Me!
Happy Anniversary Jeff and Suzanne
Happy Anniversary to Me!

15 years :) If you want details and photos feel free to check the 16th April 2008 post :)
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Morning :) Did you miss me? Thought not! So what are we up to?

Jeff has had another tattoo! On his leg this time, the crest of his football team. Now who wants reminding that you're a Sunderland supporter, LOL!

Ben's in France. Robert and Jane treated him to a plane ticket. He's out there for 10 days. I know he loves it, totally different way of life. He's chosen his options - drama, performing arts and music. Notice a theme? To me he has to enjoy school, so his options might as well be subjects he's good at. He's also going to need a little op bless him.

Joe and Josh - much the same. Enjoying the Easter Hols. Josh takes his GCSE's this coming term and has an interview for the local college. Finally started playing footy again this week, that injury took ages to heal. Joe is still keen to go to Uni in America. In theory I have no problem with it, but in reality..... Well, he's still my baby and the thought of him being so far away if he needs me. I know, I'm such a wuss LOL

Ella - what can you say, she's just the same bless her, happy in her own little world :)

Me? Am loving the Easter Hols. Having a complete rest.

We all had a weekend away thanks to the Sun Newspapers holiday offers. Four days all together in a chalet/caravan and we didn't row. I know, I recorded the date in my diary as it was such a unique experience! Been to a couple of parties - two 40th and one 50th. Notice another theme? Our friends have moved up a generation, it's not 21st and 30ths any more :( But apart from that, not a lot going on. So busy with college, teaching and the allotment, not a lot of time for fun! But, working on procrastination over Easter has really helped me focus. I'm even trying to get my 10 week lesson plans done before next week so I can have a bit more free time during the term to scrap and keep up to date with my teacher training assignments.

Gratitude? Well it has got to be Easter and celebrating the life of Jesus. Ok, I know some of you that read this aren't Christians, or religious at all, but it's my blog and my graditude :)