Sunday, April 19, 2009
Just a quick post. Can't believe the two weeks Easter holidays are over and everything's back to normal - well whatever 'normal' means in our house! Went to Alexandra Palace and Ikea yesterday. Didn't spend much, but was nice to browse, and I got a chance to say hello to Anna, Claire and Lily, so that was nice. I am also totally blown away with the Crafters Companion. Will start saving pennies :)

On one of my 2 fave forums we're having a week of challenges. Yesterday's was a sketch so this is my take on it :) The journalling will be about how lovely Benjamin played with Ella , but, well look at Joshua's cheeky face and I think that says a thousand words.

Better get on with the 101 things we need to do today to get back into the school - work - school - work - boredom routine!

Have a lovely Sunday x


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