Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Morning :)

Been MIA. Lots going on. Biggest I suppose was that we nearly lost Joseph, so have managed to lose a few weeks. Long story short, as lots of you already know, and relieving it only stresses me out. Joe was punched. Hit his head on the pavement. Small bleed at the back of his brain. Then the force made his brain ping forward and he had a second small bleed at the front. He is okay. Can't drive and drink for 6 months. Can't exercise. Problems with concentration - I know, that's already an issue with the ADHD, should be interesting! But he's alive and okay, so we'll deal with the rest as time goes by. Police know where one of the lads lives, but the other has done a bunk to the coast. Bloody coward.

What else? Been to Debden for the weekend for a fab girlie weekend - didn't realise how much I needed it :)

Josh's had to take 'extended study leave' from school. It's an exclusion really, but without the E word. Like we needed that at the moment with everything else.

My studying is really beginning to get me down. Maybe the reason I didn't go to Uni was because I wasn't clever enough still applies!

I have realised just how lucky I am to have so many wonderful friends that supported us over Joe's injury. Sadly also realised that some people are so wrapped up in their own lives that not even a text/message on Facebook was worth the effort. Oh, that's not you if you didn't know, this is aimed specifically at those that did know, and still choose to do nothing.

Been scrapping. Ella's been spoiled. Which I think has been good for her. She found everything a bit 'wrong'. Does that make sense? Lynn and Don had her for the whole weekend, and yesterday Lou and Mark took her to the beach for the day. Thanks so much you lovely people, I know she enjoyed it :)

How was that for a roundup!