Saturday, July 11, 2009
Finally some free time! During June, between working and studying I was doing 50 hour weeks! No wonder I was shattered. And of course that doesn't include any motherly and wifely duties LOL

So, catch up time yet again.

Me? Well I passed my CTLLS with a Level 4, which means I can go on to the DTLLS course in September. Passing that will make me a fully fledged teacher for 16's and over, but I'm not sure how well I did with the Bridging Portfolio. Watch this space, and eventually I may post and let you know what's happening! I've also finished studying for the first Unit for the Diploma in Playwork - just need to write and submit a 3,500 word essay in the next few weeks. Have had a couple of nights out, one with the Center Parcs girlies and last night with my Racal girlies! I also finally got to go to a crop at MJ's - first time this year. What else? Governor meetings - food poisoning (never had that before and hope I never get it again!) So really, apart from a couple of nights, my life has been pretty much work and study and then work and study some more. But term has finished and I can feel my whole body relaxing.

Jeff? He went away with Josh and a group of dads for a football weekend. While he was there he also got to see his dad. He's been on 'holiday' for the past 10 days, and apart from the weekend away has spent 3 days changing an engine and 4 days decorating Ella's bedroom! Some break LOL Oh, and his absolute highlight is his photograph with one of the members of the eighties band Tight Fit! But I think that had a lot to do with the blond hair, big boobs, short dress and long legs! Jealous? Me? Too bloody right. We also went to a funeral of one of his old Racal mates, Steve. He was only 50. Too sudden and too young :( But the send off was wonderful. So many people we were standing two deep and still people couldn't get in the crematorium.

Joseph? Finished college for the summer. Managed to get all his work in which we were really pleased about. College is going to give him some extra support from September. The git that injured him got away with a 5 month curfew, 1 years community service and pay Joe £100. How does that in anyway equate to what he did to Joe. Actually I can't talk about it cos i just won't stop.

Joshua? Finished his exams. He's got a place at college from September to study Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Pyschology A Levels! He definately takes after his father in the brains department LOL

Benjamin? Not a lot. Laid back as ever. You know the expression, 'if he was any more laid back he's be lying down' - meet Ben!

Ella - Same old! Same old! Bless.

We've also had some lovely visitors - you know who you are - and I have the photos to prove it, so no denying it.

Couple of photos. The first is Ben with his James Blunt hairdo; Ella with a Rachel 'do; and Jeff with a dolly bird LOL


  1. Congratulations on passing your exams! Good to know the kids did well with studies too.

  2. You're doing awesome with your courses, I'm so proud of you! Relax and enjoy the break. Your kids are adorable!


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