Monday, August 31, 2009
Morning :)

Hectic or what since we got back from holidays. Ton of washing. Joe bumped his head and ended up back in A & E. Finished maternity cover job. Spent a lovely day with Jeanette and two of hers at their caravan. Followed by a Little Chef - love a Little Chef :) Joe got bitten by a dog and ended up in A & E. Had a lovely coffee with Jo. Completed the 3,500 assignment. Josh to the hairdressers. Ben had been a darling around the house. And the usual stuff.

Never got a chance to blog this before our hols - wanted to check with the mum that it was okay to put photo on here. Anyhow, had a coffee with Angela and her adorable girls a couple of weeks ago. And Jeff and I are going to be the littlest one's God-Parents. I always think that is such an honour, so thank you Patrick and Angela for thinking of us xx


Love to hear from you. Please leave your thoughts below. Suzanne xx