Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yesterday spent the day in London with Jeff, Mellie and Tim. It was fab to see Mellie again and meet Tim. But it was lovely to get a day sightseeing with Jeff, just us, no kids!

We started at Tower Bridge and then the Tower of London. I was so surprised at just how big it all is behind the walls. We did the tour, with a very loud Yeoman, and then spent a couple of hours strolling around, We actually didn't get to see it all, but by nearly 3pm we were flaking and needed nourishment LOL

We also managed Buckingham Palace, Admirality Arch, Big Ben and a couple of pubs! Got home and just collapsed in a heap.

Mellie's off now to the next bit of her working trip. We're already talking about where we're going next year :)
Monday, September 28, 2009
Okay, no excuses. Highlight of September? Has to be Jeff and I having the honour to be God-Parents at this little darlings Baptism :)
What else? The usual. School. College. Work. Bumps and bruises. Final term for Playwork course I'm studying. Meetings. Parents Evening at which Ella's Deputy head said "Ella is so unique that's why everyone loves her" :). Not enough hours in the day. Football training and football matches. Started final year of teacher training - gulp. Ben is being a darling around the house. Think that's got something to do with the bass guitar we bought him for music. Managed to get to one crop. Had a group of 7 of my closest friends round for a meal. Cooked Italian. I know, don't faint! Me and cooking - say no more! Joe's had 2 visits from the police. Both waste of time. On the news last year was the highest number of complaints ever recorded against the police. Not surprised. Josh has settled into college and is actually enjoying it. Good start :)