Thursday, October 29, 2009

Made those cheesecakes with Ella without too much chaos! I think she's quite a clever little madam, she knows that whenever anything is made, the bowls and spoons can always be licked after! Doesn't she look adorable in her apron and chefs hat :) Turns out her intentions weren't entirely evident at the beginning. Once she had made the cheesecake, she then went to the cupboard and got out a chocolate Angel Delight!

Went to MJ's crop in the evening. Anna kindly drove, don't think I would have been safe on the road, and I must admit I nearly fell asleep coming home! Working on a mini-album on our day to London with Mellie - will let you have a sneak peek next post.
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Saturday we all - yep, all 6 in one place at the same time! - went to Niki and Bruce's engagement party. It was a lovely evening and even the kids enjoyed it. Congratulations to you both xx

Yesterday it was Joe's 18th birthday, when did that happen! He got in about 2.30 this morning very tiddled but very happy!

It's half-term this week so usual house sorting and cleaning. I have to start writing my 3,500 word assignment for Playwork; 2,500 for the teacher training; 4 portfolios to mark; and 5 weeks worth of lessons to plan! No rest for the wicked LOL I've signed back up with Flylady - I know, how sad! - but when I joined a few years ago my house was definately more organised and Christmas was a breeze. So here's for a easy Christmas :)

And .... dramatic pause ..... have finally sent the forms in for fostering. I'm not sure we'll be approved with all the financial problems we've had, but if we don't then it's not meant to be. And .... another dramatic pause ..... have sent a letter of complaint to the Chief Inspector for our area. 4 times in 4 days the boys were stopped with no action. Fair enough if they were being out of order, but this is harrassment pure and simple. I've been in 2 minds, because it can't go on, but I have been worried it will make things worse. However, now that Joe is 18 anything they want to throw at him will stick and that's just not acceptable.

Right, off to bake cheesecakes with Ella - now for that I definately need luck LOL xx
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Lots of illness. All of us, except for Ella, what's the betting she gets it over half term?! Joe got it worst, went on his chest and aggrievated his asthma, and now Tesco's are talking about a disciplinary! I don't think so.

Half term next week so plan to write my second assignment for my Playwork, and relax. This term is always sooo manic! Joe's also 18 next week, can you believe that? 18 years since I was stuck in maternity for weeks on end. I remember one Friday seeing a different doctor and he let me home with an appointment to come back on the Monday. I felt like a prisoner with a weekend pass LOL Of course, on the Monday my regular doctor asked me if I'd enjoyed the break cos the slip up wouldn't happen again LOL And it didn't.

Visited 2 of my old Racal friends at the weekend, just a lovely, quiet evening. And that's about it! Off now to sort out some of my scrapping albums - anything to put off planning a lesson!

Photo of said fab friends :)
Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Just back from the annual Center Parcs girlie weekend. It's been 5 years now - how quickly has that gone by! I went to the CP Aqua Sauna for a 3 hour spa = heaven! About 17 different rooms with different heat/humid/sound/etc. Heaven! Woke up with a slight cold Saturday, but not going to let that spoil it. Saturday night we all went for a Tapas. Never had a Tapas before, very nice, but very small portions! And the girls are clubbed together and treated me as a thank you for all the work involved in booking and co-ordinating the weekend. ***luv those girls*** Sunday morning I did a 2 hour watercolour class. I've posted on Facebook 'Monet watch out'. Those that have seen my works of art will feel he doesn't have too much to worry about! LOL Sunday afternoon I was treated to another Spa. Two of the girls cooked the most scrumptious Sunday dinner :) Plus of course there was the chocolate, Pernod, walks, cycle rides (ok, one cycle ride!) and roood chats. A few photos attached from the Boobs in Tour 2009! And we've already booked 2010 with all 8 wanting to go again :)