Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Just back from the annual Center Parcs girlie weekend. It's been 5 years now - how quickly has that gone by! I went to the CP Aqua Sauna for a 3 hour spa = heaven! About 17 different rooms with different heat/humid/sound/etc. Heaven! Woke up with a slight cold Saturday, but not going to let that spoil it. Saturday night we all went for a Tapas. Never had a Tapas before, very nice, but very small portions! And the girls are clubbed together and treated me as a thank you for all the work involved in booking and co-ordinating the weekend. ***luv those girls*** Sunday morning I did a 2 hour watercolour class. I've posted on Facebook 'Monet watch out'. Those that have seen my works of art will feel he doesn't have too much to worry about! LOL Sunday afternoon I was treated to another Spa. Two of the girls cooked the most scrumptious Sunday dinner :) Plus of course there was the chocolate, Pernod, walks, cycle rides (ok, one cycle ride!) and roood chats. A few photos attached from the Boobs in Tour 2009! And we've already booked 2010 with all 8 wanting to go again :)


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