Thursday, October 22, 2009
Lots of illness. All of us, except for Ella, what's the betting she gets it over half term?! Joe got it worst, went on his chest and aggrievated his asthma, and now Tesco's are talking about a disciplinary! I don't think so.

Half term next week so plan to write my second assignment for my Playwork, and relax. This term is always sooo manic! Joe's also 18 next week, can you believe that? 18 years since I was stuck in maternity for weeks on end. I remember one Friday seeing a different doctor and he let me home with an appointment to come back on the Monday. I felt like a prisoner with a weekend pass LOL Of course, on the Monday my regular doctor asked me if I'd enjoyed the break cos the slip up wouldn't happen again LOL And it didn't.

Visited 2 of my old Racal friends at the weekend, just a lovely, quiet evening. And that's about it! Off now to sort out some of my scrapping albums - anything to put off planning a lesson!

Photo of said fab friends :)


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