Thursday, November 05, 2009
Busy few days.

*Back to school.
*Stood a girlfriend up *insert blushing smilie*
*Winter coats needed
*4 of my students wanted their portfolios in for final IV - argghh, so know there's going to be bits that need addressing.
*Attended a Diet and Nutrition Awareness course. And you know how you always come away from that sort of thing feeling renewed and righteous! Don't think the rest of the family is very impressed LOL
*Ella had her school photo - she looks so cute in pigtails - and a trip to the doctors. There's 4/5 in the practice and this one commented that he'd never seen her before. When Jeff and I thought about it we realised that, despite all her problems, she is one healthy lassie :)
*Joe's got a new girlfriend on the horizon - really pleased for him. Only met her briefly, but she seems nice. I thought for ages about 'nice', bit of a 'urgh' word, but couldn't think of anything more suitable! I don't know anything about her to say she's lovely - although Joe certainly thinks so LOL - but she seemed .......nice!
*Joe had 3 mates round ..... the same night Ben had 6 for a sleepover ...... the same night Josh's (about 8) mates all started out ours before they went to a party! Frazzeled? Bloody right


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