Sunday, November 29, 2009
Rough few weeks. Ella had either flu or swine flu - who knows. But she was rough for 9 days, bless her. She's never ill, so wasn't nice to see her so frail. Being her main carer all week as Jeff was on Jury Service at Coroner Court meant I suppose it was inevitable I would catch something off of her. Nasty, horrible cough keeping me up all day and night. But at least it seems to have avoided everyone else.

Jeff found Coroner Court interesting, just as well, he's such a grumpy man in every other respect LOL

Boys all okay. Joe had swine flu jab. Took ages to decide, just hope we made the right decision! Have had friends galore sleeping over. Picture gives you an idea of the number of teenagers hanging around - yes, that is 13 pairs of shoes. Jeff and I are seriously thinking of getting a separate doorbell just for the boys room!

Went to dad and Sandra's a fortnight ago and got virtually all the Christmas presents. In fact, reckon Sandra should be a Personal Shopper :) Been Flyladying, so each evening have done a little bit. All now wrapped, cards written, stamped and addressed. About the only thing I had enough energy for this week!

So not much news.

First Day of Advent, and this year I feel very Christmassy. Got the quilt out today I made last year - hope you like it :)


  1. aww bless her. Horrible seeing children frail :( Hope she is feeling a lot better.
    We all got the swine flu jab last week so hopefully should be ok.
    Well done on getting so much done


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